Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ronald Weinland: A Loathsome Liar

The wheels of justice turn slowly, but they do turn. Ronald Weinland is going to federal prison, a convicted felon - a lying thief.

Weinland's most recent lie was to the remnants of his congregation. In his last sermon before heading to club fed, Weinland said, 'If not, for not reporting several hundred thousand dollars deposited in a Swiss bank account and funding his wife's travel with him as he traveled the world, I would not be going to prison.'

The facts do not bear him out. They facts were so disgusting and repellant that twelve people were unanimously convinced that Ronald Weinland willfuly, with intent and sophistication (and a black heart) stole Ceaser's things. Some were so disgusted they felt compelled to comment afterwards on Mike's (DDFA) blog where transcripts and reports from the jurors themselves are available.

Ananias and Sapphira lied to and stole from God. God hates a liar and a thief. HE also hates presumptous pride, something Weinland himself loves to rail on about ad nausem (in others).

How is it that he cannot see his own presumptuous pride when his behavior literally redefines the word? How is that he could not recognize that THAT has led to the downfall he is now experiencing? That and greed.


That is the funniest thing about this. I mean besides having the gall to proclaim yourself God's End Time prophet, you and your wife the Two Witnesses of Revelation, pronounce death sentences upon former ministerial friends and, of course, your mockers (that they die slowly and painfully from the inside out) and then to procede to maintain the charade right through failed prophecy after failed prophecy all the while pushing things back (it's just the timing) and making up new crap Truths to pile on  old stinking ones. And if that wasn't enough, to beat your believers over the head with fear about tithes, so you who wanted to be The Government for the sole purpose of having control of the money could have it. It was 'all about government', but not for the avowed purpose, no. The facts told a different ugly story:

You wanted those tithes for yourself. Greedy, like Ananias and Sapphira.
What did you do with God's tithes? Hmm?

How about a church 'scholarship' for your son? Any other competitors for that, eh? The judge didn't think so. He saw through your lie. Just as easily as PKGers will when they look into things.

I hope you and your family enjoyed the Mercedes Benz's, all that travel and and let's not forget your, Total Resolve cruise. Wasn't that the one that kicked off your and the misses stint as biblical royalty, the beginning of your tour as The Two Witnesses of Revelation?

I haven't gotten to the funniest thing yet, but we're getting there. I bet you will never forget it. I know that you won't.

I've always said: Tick, Tock. Your time runs short.

This is funny, but not the funniest thing, Ron.

How do you walk back completing the job of The Two Witnesses of Revelation? I'm laughing just typing this. I hand it to you though for following it through. There is no doubt in my mind that you are an absolute con-man. Absolute con-man. Did you know that you betray it when you change things up in your sermons? It's not your words I'm referring too. Did you know that?

Christ won't be coming this May. You know it. Already you've told us. "Whenever he comes." Dropped in the middle of a sermon. Oh yes, I know your convicted He will come this time (for sure!). That makes you doubly convicted doesn't it?

Got some exciting speakers lined up do you? Going to hold PKG together from inside federal prison? I don't think Laura's up to the task. I bet she's more of a taker than a maker, eh? With those diamond rings and all?

Days, and months and years are going to go by and the completion of The Prophetic Ministry of the Two Witnesses of Revelation is going to fade into the rear view mirror. BUT, it will never, ever disappear, EVER.

Here is the another funny thing, how do make THAT go away in the face of Christ still not coming year after year? How? Oh man, I'm laughing again.

Christ came prophetically in 2012, in 2013 he rustled his skirts and adjusted his hem. You could try one that Jehovah Witnesses use: Christ sat down on his heavenly throne.

People eventually see. They are going to drift when your lackeys start dishing tired sermons about tired Truths. After all, how much stake do they really have in this thing, huh? You're in the slammer and God is leaving you there isn't He?

You'll try and keep your hold, but you won't. And when you come out, this baggage and 3 1/2 years since the completion of your job as God's Witness of Revelation will be waiting for you. Giggle.

Oh, and the funniest thing is that you could have avoided all this by simply claiming all that you took from God's tithes as income.

But you didn't. You said you paid yourself less and the rest was for God.

But you took it and spent it as your own. You stole from God Ronald Weinland, like Ananias and Saphira. Then, you tried to conceal it with lies and deceit. And all this wouldn't have happened save your ignorance and pride.




A last quote before God's End Time Prophet and Spokesman for The Two Witnesses of Revelation, End Time Zerubabel, and Final Elijah heads off to federal prison: (From 1/26/13's sermon Finish the Work starting at 59:15)

God continues to give us more and more to grow in... the ability to acknowledge error and move on (remember prophets do not err, real prophets, anyway much less the greatest ever)... I think of May the 27th (2012, Christ's first failed appearance) because of that I am ready for whatever comes...(like the failure of another of my prophecies) that on... (May 19th 2013 Christ will come for real this time.), I believe will all my being that (will happen), as much as I did May 27th (which is to say not at all). I believe May 19th. BUT, I HAVE TO SAY that my mind is more fully open to (Say it ain't so! Yet another prophetic failure that will have to be explained away?) and yielded to God, if there's something else He's going to give to us and teach us.... Hopefully, it's May 19th, (doubting already?) if it's something different at some point past that He will show us and if it does go past that I don't believe He'll show it to us right away. (Because I'm in prison.) LOL.

There you have it an indefinte extension to Christ's prophesied return given by Ron to Ron. 

Ronald Weinland's legacy of prophetic failure, greed, lies, deceit and theft from God is established for all to see. Ronald Weinland is a loathsome liar of the first order.

Dill Weed

Thursday, June 14, 2012

"My Life Will Become a Living Nightmare." Prophecy Fulfilled.

Ronald Weinland with his all access pass at ideacity. Weinland may receive a new pass allowing him access to the federal penitentiary when he is sentenced September 24th, 2012. Weinland was convicted on 5 counts of tax evasion June 13th, 2012.

Interestingly, this occurred after he and his wife, Laura completed their jobs as The Two Witnesses of Revelation. Their job ended when Christ came prophetically May 26th, 2012. According to Weinland, Christ is coming for real May 27th, 2013. He may have to unlock the prison doors to release Weinland.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Judgment Day

Three and a half years ago while searching for stuff on End Times, I discovered Ronald Weinland's book GFW - 2008. At that time I was still infected with apocolomania - the residue left from 20 plus years as a Jehovah's Witness. Even though I had been out for 10 plus years, I was still infected. I had a strong reaction to Weinland's book. I began commenting on Mike's blog. He suggested a blog of my own.

It turned out to be a good thing. When you are raised in a religion, it is difficult to truly escape it. I needed another perspective to escape. Listening to Weinland, I was able to see how I was deceived. Even though Weinland is an unskilled hack with poor speaking ability, he uses the same techniques Jehovah's Witnesses did. Set the hook - We have the Truth, dig it in deeper with ever more explanations about what scripture mean, establish authority as God's mouthpiece, and on.

No more apocolomania for me. I'm free. Done.

All I know about religion and God is this:

I know that I don't know.
I know that it is impossible to know.
IF anyone tells you they know, they are, at best, wrong. They are telling you what they believe.
Believing isn't knowing.
IF God wanted to make himself known, He could, clearly and unmistakeably, make himself known. He hasn't.  
That is just what I believe. I'm not pushing it.

Mocking Weinland has been entertaining. I look forward to seeing how things play out for him. I'll be following Mike's blog and will listen to Weinland to see how he steers things. In good health, Junior and me are retiring.

I have briefly felt sorry for Ron, but only until I remind myself what he has done. He discovered he could make a good living preaching. He saw that it was best to be at the top. It became about government. He made himself the government. Governing comes with a price. He pays it in private moments when he knows he is a lying, insane, false prophet. He fights it without, but knows it within. And that is the strongest condemnation.

Dill Weed and Junior

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dill Weed's Great End of the End Contest

The Great End of The End Contest is Ended. To win a contestant had to guess the date that Ron denies Christ by admitting He won’t return May 27th, 2012… without going over! (Price is Right rules). 
On May 27th, 2012 Weinland admitted that Christ wouldn't come on that day. Weinland said, "Well Pentecost 2012 is here and we're still here.... and while disappointing that Jesus Christ has not yet appeared in his return to this earth. He's still coming." He cagily denied Christ would not be coming that day before it had actually been completed (Jerusalem time and all that). He held out 'hope' that Christ would return that day later in the sermon, but only after admitting it wouldn't happen.

The winner of
Dill Weed's Great End of The End Contest
without going over is...
Andrew G.!!! 

(The sound of a million kazoos blasting like mighty Trumpets!)

All hail Andrew as Great and Mighty!!! Able to prognosticate, predicticate and proofesy The End of The End from The Beginning of The End!  And mightily so!

Dill Weed, what will I win? Let the rules below... well. 
The winner will receive the undying admiration and adulation of their fellow contestants which may be expressed through comments like, “Pfffftt, that was my first guess!” or “That was a dang lucky guess - that’s what I was going to say!"

Let me be the first to say, Pffft! this was my first guess and had I not lost an arm wrestling contest to Junior this would have been our guess. If your gonna arm wrestle a cat don't wrestle one who does one arm push ups.

All contestants will admit your mightiness in declaring The End of The End and predictin’ and a prognosticatin’ the implosion of Ron’s false ministry! (We'll be green with envy!) (ministry which may continue in the basements of burned out and abandoned 7-11’s in the Cleveland area.) We’ll forego the ticker tape parade in NY and simply acknowledge that


Runner up salutations to Kirrily and Baywolfe!
Sadly, Weinland continues to minister.

Dill Weed

Monday, May 28, 2012

Itchy, Scratchy Vacation

Junior and me are taking a little vacation to celebrate the prospect of upto another year of life! We will be observing Memorial Day with family.

We...err, one of us works weekends.*eyeroll* I don't count keeping my chair warm as work.Grr.

Clothed in sackcloth and itchy wool, we are absorbing the Present Truth. Junior's got his abacus out and I've got my old HP calculator, we're working out the cat calculus to determine the winner of Dillweed's Great End of the End Contest and the future of this blog.

Listening to Ron most recent post and he just made a comment about being thrown under the bus and laughed. Funny, you could tell he was really laughing about PKG members as it came just a he referred to them. It sounded stress relieving. He must have been imagining PKGers putting tithe checks in the mail. Dream on, Ron. Some are being thrown under the bus, but if they wake up they can prevent it. I hope they do.

Terminator music... We'll be back.
A good many things are more important than Ronald Weinland.
Time to see to some of them!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Ronald Weinland: The 'Lost' Interview Sept. 2009

'Lost' in the spiritual sense and updated in the literal - with hindsight on Ron's God given foresight. May PKGers be given eyes to see, ears to hear and... well, that should be enough.

One last mock before my bucket gets kicked and Junior's tail pulled for the last time.

The Great Tribulation grinds on. (Only 140 Sabbaths left!) Before God's prophet and End Time Witness gets too busy, he has graciously accepted a request for an interview with my T-Rex sock puppet, Ralph.

Q – Have you received your Two Witness powers yet?

A. (Opens mouth and… belches) Shew! Onion rings - I’m burping onion rings. Burger King. They’re giving me hellish heart burn. I thought I was going to breathe fire for a minute, but I guess not, yet. All in God’s due time and in accordance to His plan. I had Taco Bell last night. I wasn’t breathing fire, but you know…. The 1st Witness had to sleep on the couch. It’s a good thing I’m humble. (Turns out this was actually spiritual.)

Q – Have you thought up any plagues you’d like to strike the earth with?

A. Oh, yeah. I’ve been thinking about them for a while. (More spiritual - though Ron's sermons smote many.. well a few with a special kind of misery.)

Q – Are you going to target certain individuals (i.e. mockers) for especially painful plagues?

A. I have a few people in mind for a dose of Ron’s Revenge. (A dish best served cold, but will it be served? 13 hours left!)

Q - Who will be the first person(s) you smite with your Two Witness powers?

A. I’m going to let that be a surprise. (Well who doesn't like surprises? [foot nudges Junior forward.])

Q - Do you expect to give sermons to the entire world to make everyone aware you are God’s prophet?

A. I imagine I’m going to make the rounds on all the talk shows. Towards the end, I’ll be on every channel 24/7. (They key word being 'imagine' which turned into disbelief of the message given explictly by God!)

Q - You acknowledged that you’re not the greatest public speaker? Do you think God will supernaturally improve your speaking ability to better deliver His message?

A. He’ll beam them into my head. I’ve made a special aluminum foil hat with antennae to improve reception – four bars everywhere. (Is Ron, even now, praying that this cup be removed from him? Has any other prophet, old or new testament, ever had it so easy? Paper towels on bathroom floors, people not stepping out of your way, traffic jams??!!!)

Q - Will you announce beforehand how and where you will smite the earth so as to distinguish your smiting and plagues from regular old droughts and disease outbreaks?

A. No one will confuse Two Witnesses plagues and drought with any other plagues and droughts. I am God’s Prophet after all. (The ignored witnesses brought down no plagues, stopped no rain. In fact, they performed NO MIRACLES WHATSOEVER.)

Q - To be blunt, are you excited about being able to kick sinner butt with your Two Witness powers?

A. Cracks knuckles. There is going to be some Hell to pay. And, I am the bill collector. It will hurt me to do it, but it will hurt them more. (Yes, there's going to be some hell to pay. Its just that the payee is not who he expected. Welcome to your nightmare, Weinland. Those court documents will be very enlightening. Thy might get splattered all over the internet. A witness to your witness.)

Q - While I’m asking questions, I have to ask, some rumors have been going around about drinking, Ron. Ron, have you ever been kicked by the Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull?

A. I don’t drink malt liquor and I don’t take bull from anybody. I AM GOD’S PROPHET!! (But, I have not eyes to see or ears to hear. I can only rely on the litmus test God gave that you failed. Ronald Weinland, The Prophet Who Failed.)

Okay, okay! Thank you, Prophet and Witness, Ron.

And now back to our regular programming.

Tick Tock.

Your time runs out, Ron Weinland.

The Hour of Your Judgment
is at Hand.

Dill Weed

To Kirrily, specifically, and everyone else, none diminished, by extension:

Thanks for your readership, for your insight, comments and for sharing your story.   : D

I've been looking forward to this. It is time to leave a record so condeming that no one listens to this con man again. He will never live this down, ever.

Dill and Junior

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ronald Weinland: I Believe I’ll Be in Jerusalem Tomorrow

A Prophet’s Log (Flush)
The New World (Summary)
Countdown: 48 hours
Remaining Sabbaths: 0
Fulfilled Prophecies: 0*
Failed Prophecies: Priceless
Ron’s Death Toll: 0

False prophet and Spokesman Witness Ronald Weinland spoke from Cincinnati, OH - just hours before an impending nuclear war and Christ’s Return. He is giving the last sermon of this 'age'. The millennium will be ushered in, in just hours!

Ron and Laura are the only ones who are for certain to become part of Elohim because it is written. The rest of you will just have to wait and see. Are you ready? Do you doubt?

Ronald and Laura Weinland’s walk of faith ends in hours!

What if it doesn’t happen? God is just. Whatever happens has a purpose.

Ron said, “If time were to go on. That we have, that I have, that we all have things to address. That if we yield ourselves to the process... something greater will be made within us. Something more will be given to us because we follow God… For my life, I know it would be a royal nightmare. But, I don’t believe those things. I believe I’ll be in Jerusalem tomorrow.”

Tomorrow, Weinland believes he will be in Jerusalem… wait for it…. without getting on a plane. (He’ll be able to skip his court date.) Laura will be there, too, along with other COG-PKGers who are miraculously transformed into *yawn* Elohim.

Welcome, Ronald Weinland to your Royal Nightmare.


Your time has run out, Ron Weinland.

Judgment day is here. 

The Andrew G. slide rule correction for cats who can't subtract very well...48 hours remain.

Dill Weed