Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ronald Weinland: 2011 is the Year USA and Canada Fall

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God’s Government IN the Family Pt 2 (Summary)
Countdown: 522 Days
Remaining Sabbaths: 68
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False prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from a still free Detroit, MI and wasted no time in announcing this is the year that America, Canada and other Israelite nations will fall.

Also, "We’d like to think the stock market is coming back." I’m no prophet but it is up 11% over last year according to CNN. And this at the state of things at the time of Weinland's words. So what he said does not even make sense because the stock market has already come back. It goes without saying that the stock market will continue to go up and down.

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Tick Tock.

Your time runs short, Ron Weinland. Judgment day is coming.
Dill Weed


Whisper said...

Old Ronald is riding a prophecy of pure chance as far as Wallstreet goes.

2007 - 2008 = +500
2008 - 2009 = -4500
2009 - 2010 = +1800
2010 - 2011 = +1200

High point = 14,000 in the 1st quarter of 2007.
Low point = 7,000 in the 3rd quarter of 2008.

The American Stock Market has RISEN over the last 2 years of the 1st 2 years of the Great Trib. Risen remarkebly back to 11,500 in January of 2011. Great Trib & Stock Markets RISING, this does not make sense. One of the above is wrong, guess which one?

Go figure?

Brent said...

And what will be his retoric when they don't fall as non have so far. Will there be 'new truths' again. Of course there will because God keeps changing his mind doesn't he Ron!

Anonymous said...

Look who's right now. Looks like Ron Weinland because according to my data the market is now down 21%. Hmmmm

Christinme Smith said...

Hey Rons death toll reached one this week after a teenage girl believed his bull and committed suicide. Does that make him feel proud????