Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Day Before Armageddon

What do you do the day before Armageddon?

Go fishing, of course!!

Dill Weed, Jr. and me are going fishing for a week starting Friday, May 20th. That's right. The very day of the worldwide earthquake that will usher in.... drum roll... the Rapture! According to Harold Camping... the graves will open up and good hearted dead will fly up to heaven to meet Christ. An angry Christ, who has some matters to settle with the survivors left on earth.

Well, any way, like I said Jr. and me are going fishin' come Hell or High Water. I'll keep a close eye on Jr. cause he likes to fish with dynamite and he's likely to snag the drain that's keeping Kentucky lake full. We won't be ruffing it! (Lighthouse Landing) ... pullin' that drain might start something like a worldwide earthquake!

I better keep Jr. close. Enjoy the video below of from one of our trips where Jr. got in the dynamite box. Cats and dynamite are a dangerous mix.

If Armageddon doesn't come and if I can keep Jr. from triggering it, we'll be back here mocking Harold Camping ... while we're waiting to mock Weinland some more. Batter up, Harold Camping!


Anonymous said...

Ah Harold Camping. I've started to hear about him recently too.

He obviously doesn't read his Bible either as even Christ doesn't know the time till it's like ..."Now" so maybe Harold should let Christ know that the Father told him before the King of Kings found out.

Yes, I know... it makes Harold look liek a total twit as well but the 21st will make him look even worse.

Brent said...

Have a happy Armegeddon day everyone..

See you next week where we can get back to Ron Weinland once Harry's gone and dusted.

It's a pity we've had to wait so long before RW's roasting, at least Harry's was quick to arrive and wasn't revised several times (recently that is).

Kirrily XPKG said...

Here in Oz, we now have a nutcase proclaiming to be Jesus, Son of God Himself! Buying up and being given property in Kingaroy, Sunshine Coast. This dude is proclaiming end of world in 2012 also..... join the club s$&t for brains, lmao.

Douglas Becker said...

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Those of us who lived 1975 in Prophecy know just know how the Harold Camping prophecies will turn out. We lived through the virtual Great Tribulation in the virtual Place of Safety until the virutual return of Jesus Christ and are now living in the Virtual Millennium.

It's all fun and virtual games, but really, there's not one shred of reality in it. The real downside is that we had to pay so much money for the virtual game console and the virtual game packs that we are virtually broke. The only reality to this stuff is bankruptcy. Now THAT'S real! The other stuff -- not so much.

We will miss you. We hope that Jr. has a fine time. Mikey is not partial to Kentucky, otherwise we might have joined you. Anyway, he's busy with his next blog for Mikey for President. You know how it is when you have a cat.

Good luck on your outing. I remember the days when my dad took me "fishing" with dynamite. It certainly did a lot to interest me in Chemistry: You know, "Better things for better living through Chemistry -- Dupont" explosives. You know, the Nobel fella with his Peace prize was really on to something. Do you know where we could get some good packs of C4? Mikey has a hankering for fish.

Anyway, thanks for all your efforts to sink Rotten Ronnie. And congratulations on creating International Happy Armegeddon Day for May 20th. We should think up something fun for May 21st we could celebrate from year to year, but we're pretty sure you're on it already.

Brent said...

This weill not happen but tongue in cheek here's a question.

I want to know which timeline God honours because if the follows the one us humans use, New Zealand and Australia will be hit first then Asia, African Europe and lastly the USA.

So what if God hits the US first, when it hits Australia it will be May 22nd which makes God out to be a liar.

Once again this is why 'no man can know the day' as in an instantaneous event the dates are all different. Twits never think of this let alone read the Bible they supoosedly know.

Brent said...

Well it's over halfway through the 21st for some in the world (NZ/Australia/Indonesia).

Only 10 hours left for it to be shown as we all know will be - NOTHING.

The US is behind everyone else (aren't they always) and still have 2 hours before the beginning of the end starts to end the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Ron must be annoyed someone is taking some of the limelight away from him recently. Still after Monday he can bask in it again.

Brent said...

I just saw someone from Australia had posted something in ATS that madde reference to the ...

"Premature raptulation"

very very funny if you think about all of the connetations the Bible mentions about spilling seed...

Richard said...

@Brent: Harold Camping is teaching God's "great earthquake" will start at 6:00 p.m. local time in all time zones.

So He apparently accepts the International Date Line, and will start the action in New Zealand.

Or so Mr. Camping says.

P.S. Tonight would have been his final live "Open Forum" talk show before Judgment Day -- but instead Family Radio aired a rerun from last Friday.

P.P.S. Fishing instead of Camping? Creative. :-)

Douglas Becker said...

Mikey has some observations.

Brent said...

God, I've 6 minutes left before the quake... what should I do, what should I do, (running round in circles...).

A quick last coffee maybe, how about... no my wifes' out, ok how about I burn the house down because I won't need it... no Brent you fool, it's not your own house your in right now, ok, lets see maybe I could mow the lawm , nope it's already done.
Mmmmmm. Right... lets see... ooops phones going.....

.... Damn telemarketers wanting Aunty. Oh it's 6:03... whats that? No it's just the kettle shaking on the bench as it boils...

Nah, nothing.

Maybe the God Harold talks to got it wrong, I know my God never would, but then mine isn't the same as his for obvious reasons. Still Harold might talk to us tommorrow when it's the 22nd in the USA and explain or he might commit suicide like others before him.

We'll have to wait and see.

And now it's back to Ron Weinland again..

No wait there is a rumbling.... no incoming overseas flight...

Eric said...

Its 6.02 and no earthquakes here in New Zealand.

Douglas Becker said...

Where is Harold Camping today?

What with Family Radio playing a rerun from last week and all, it doesn't look good for the unhappy campers.

Could Camping have taken the money and run?

Brent said...

Ok, enough of the distraction, lets get back to Ron Weinland for a repeat of today.

Thorum said...

How much mony? Does he just lives on money people give to him? I actually know when the Earth will end.
"...about 7.59 billion years from now Earth will be dragged from its orbit by an engorged red Sun and spiral to a rapid vaporous death."


Need more proof? I have been watching Ron (and others) so long. When, will rational thought take over? Thanks for keeping this blog going for so long. It is much needed...

Douglas Becker said...

As I suspected, Harold Camping and his staff has taken a powder and disappeared.

Let's get back to Ronald Weinland because I'm bored, bored, bored and so is Mikey, my cat. We need our Weinland fix.

Let the Jihad continue against Weinland (virutal Jihaad of course, a real one would be illegal).

jack635 said...


Well now that Harold is gone with the money, how about that Ronald Weinland?

“by the fall of 2008, the United States will have collapsed as a world power and no longer exist as an independent nation.”-- 2008: God's Final Witness

I wonder if he can get TWO runs for the money like Harold Camping just did?

jack635 said...

Unfortunately there are a lot of broke and dejected people out there today. Ronald Weinland's non event of May 27, 2012 will result in more broke, depressed people.

On the bright side Dill Weed has probably eaten fresh fish today.

Douglas Becker said...

Mikey loves his Salmon Greenies.

We just opened a new package.

He couldn't be happier.

Hope Dillweed Jr. appreciates his fish.

Anonymous said...

As an update, the Family Radio website is currently 404.

I'm sure they're hard at work on their new CYA main page.

Douglas Becker said...

And so it is!

There's a grand new spiffy opening web page.

Comment: This seems all the rage these days -- the UCG has a grand new website, the CGWA has one (with Flipping Pages for their booklets!), CoG Modesto has one (who the heck are they?). It's a veritable epidemic.

I suppose it's time has come: It's about time they got around to putting lipstick on the pig. Careful! I think it smeared!