Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ronald Weinland: Blogga, Blogga, Blogga

A Prophet’s Log (Flush)
A Witness of 6,000 years (Summary)
Countdown: 200 Days
Remaining Sabbaths: 25
Fulfilled Prophecies: 1
Ron’s Death Toll: 0

False prophet and Spokesman Witness Ronald Weinland spoke from Detroit, MI this Sabbath. He mentioned the indictment at the beginning of the sermon. He said it has been coming for three years. He said anyone can have a stage on the Internet and referenced his faithful bloggers, but sadly not by name. Weinland is attempting to cast the indictment as a persecution. Whatever.

We are one week closer to Ron’s forced admission that he is a false prophet. This will only occur when it is no longer possible to maintain his 'story'. I can’t wait to hear him explain how God gave it to him wrong.

Weinland started heaving sighs and neared breaking down as he related Stephen’s trial and death. Ha-ha! Ron can relate. He lives in a $350,000 house and travels the world delivering boring sermons taking as income the tithes of his followers. Ron must be feeling persecuted. Aww. It amazes me that anyone would continue to send him money.

Ron says his followers will not even entertain the notion of 'What if it doesn’t happen?' He proudly asserted he had entertained that notion in sermons - even though his flock would not. Yes, he has, but only to condition the flock and squash disbelief. I’ve heard it before. Ron says his church is the recipient of the world’s disgust. Hardly. Nobody knows about them. Go ahead, ask around. Ron has my full measure of disgust. Ron says he is not changing anything that God gave him. Goody. He’ll go the way of discredited Harold Camping.

Ron will soon have the opportunity to TESTIFY AND BEAR WITNESS in a court of law. Whoo-hoo! Maybe, he’ll break out some Two Witness Super Powers. : D Ron got some early practice in by bashing the Easter bunny.

Ron says that his mockers hate him. Wrong. I hate what he is doing - with my entire being. That's why I blog.

Read the criminal indictment of Spokesman Witness and End Time prophet Ronald Weinland.

Cool video of the week Smooch! You can’t catch me!

Bet you can’t watch this and not smile.

Don’t stop

Tick Tock.

The Andrew G. slide rule correction for cats who can't subtract very well... 201 days and 29 Sabbaths remain.

Your time runs short, Ron Weinland. Judgment day is coming.

Dill Weed


Anonymous said...

A $350,000 house is a very basic house where I come from.
Why do people say it's a lot?

John said...

If he is having a case set aginast him then he can't leave the country. If he can't leave the country then he can't be lying dead in Jerusalem in 2012 can he?

Anonymous said...

Lol, his comment of "not addressing the what if" was dirrected at you, not the church, because you will not address the "what if" he is correct. :-)


he hasn't been correct on anything yet!!!