Friday, December 26, 2008

Are Earthquakes Increasing?

The US Geological Survey has the scoop. The last part explains ‘earthquake swarms.’ Ron refered to earthquake swarms as ‘evidence that earthquakes are increasing.’ Earthquake ‘swarms’ are a known phenomena caused by magma moving below the earth’s crust.

Also, you can see how frequent earthquakes really are. We never hear about most of them. Our perceptions of how frequently quakes occur is influenced by media attention. It is kind of like playing the punch game on the way to church. "There's another Volkswagon!" Punch! With a heightened awareness of Volkswagons, it suddenly seems they're everywhere. You can monitor the frequencey of quaks (err... wait a minute, that's Ron!), quakes greather than 2.5 magnitude here:

Tick Tock
Dill Weed

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