Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ronald Weinland Disclaims the Seven Thunders That Were Supposed To Validate Him As A Prophet

It has begun. Or, rather it continues. Weinland cuts another cord and disclaims the Seven Thunders that God allowed him to choose specifically.

Ronald Weinland has shifted doctrine again away from the claims he made in 2008 - God's Final Witness. Weinland claimed the Seven Thunders in Revelation (which are not described in the bible) would verify that he was God's End Time prophet. He went on to describe them in great detail stating that God had allowed him to choose their form. He claimed the first Thunder was 9/11 (after the fact, of course). The "ever increasing never decreasing" crash of the Thunders would prove that Ronald and his wife, Laura were the Two Witnesses of Revelation. *Yawn*

The predictions he made have not come true and he has not been vindicated or validated by the words he claimed were inspired and from Jesus. (And, Jesus was very specific.) So, he has decided to cut them loose before they do him in.

Some have been questioning the non-thundering Thunders as well as other claims Weinland has made. This is encouraged. Ron will be cutting loose more baggage in the not too distant future.

It was time to cut loose from those failed claims and he did at 1 hour 17 minutes into the sermon Healing the Mind, Pt. 1. It is excruciatingly boring, as are all of his sermons. That might seem harsh, but go download one, anyone. I dare you. (Don't sit next to a window because you will be tempted to throw yourself out.) I transcribed the relevant portion below.

In building up to this, Weinland prattled on about how God's way's were higher than our ways. He referenced the account where Paul challenged doubters over a change in women's status in the church. Paul asked if they were prophets and could they speak inspired words. Weinland likes this and laughed about it saying it was one of his 'favorites.' He does the same to doubters in his church going so far to say that "anyone who disagrees with anything in his sermons is wrong, wrong, wrong." (He was yelling when he said this.)

"There are many things I’ve stated in the past that have to do with the Thunders that aren’t mine." (In GFW, he not only claims they are his, but that God allowed him to choose the specifics, him being the greatest prophet eva! and spokesman for the Two Witnesses of Revelation, no less.)

"Some of those things are stated in there candidly to give some people a hard time. To let people trip, to find fault, to stumble where they will." (What about God using the Thunders to demonstrate you're His End Time prophet, as you claimed God said?) "So much is written, so much of what Jesus Christ had to say, if we understand the author." (We understand the author, not Jesus Christ, but Ronald Weinland, a fake, a fraud, a phony, a religious con man of the lowest order and talent.)

"That’s why I used to get uncomfortable when people would say that sermon sounds just like something Mr. Armstrong would say. I used to cringe when I heard that. Then I came to understand, well, duh, it’s the same spirit. I should sound like that." (You sir are a knuckle head. And, it is the same spirit.)

"So there are some things written in there that are a matter of oneness with God, the mind of God that God has granted that God has blessed. It’s just the way (laughs) that God is doing things." (Fuck you.)

"The way that things are going to happen. You see, it’s in the bible, it’s all there…. Any-wayyyyy." (Then he lets go a huge sigh as man who has just cleared his conscience or cleared a big hurdle.) "It's amazing sometimes what we do as human beings." (This is really telling. It's worth listening from 1 hr 17 minutes to 1 hr 19 minutes. You can really hear the relief of this coming off his chest. You can tell it was really weighing on him.)

I am convinced now that Weinland is nothing less than a religious con man. Period.

It will be real interesting to watch the rest of this downward spiral. Hopefully, enough people will get wise.

Tick Tock.

Your time runs short, Ron Weinland. Judgment day is coming.
Dill Weed


Baywolfe said...

That book is like a frigging albatross around his neck. By now, unless he truly is insane, he's got to wish he never wrote it. This is not the bad ole' days where you can publish, declare, and then deny and get away with it. You hear me from the great beyond Herbie?

I'm assuming that GFW is official/required reading in his chruch. That being the case, either his followers are so deeply immersed in Stockholm Syndrome they are completely blind, or they're idiots.

Dill Weed said...

Ron's got a few albatrosses around his neck now. He's effectivley dislaimed some of them, but there is only so far one can go with that.

Next up: America's fall which is supposed to happen at the latest by fall this year.


That one is the first domino which brings everythings else down including Christ return May, 2012.

Dill Weed

Kirrily XPKG said...

I too, now, finally believe Ron is a pure con man (and a dumb ass one at that).

You know who has upset me FAR, FAR more than Ron? Wayne and Chris Matthews.

I loved them so much. Whenever I had doubts when I was in Ron's group, I would think to myself, 'well, they are elders, they have been around a LOT longer than me, if Ron was false, THEY would know..'.

Oh yes, seems that the Matthews' probably have their own agenda. They are NOT stupid people. But then, the very trait that they all sprout off about - PRIDE - is the very thing they themselves are ruled by.

To admit you are wrong, that God was never with you, that you believed a lie is just too unbearable to contemplate for most - and it is PRIDE that stops them admitting the truth - pure and simple.

When I left, I had to acknowledge all that to myself. Did it hurt? You bet. It left me with nothing - and THAT Ronnie boy, is where you find true humility. At your depths of NOTHINGNESS - I guess that is when you are like a helpless child, all your knowledge and beliefs fading away.

Scary, but also (after a time) - LIBERATING.

Do I hate Ron? Not anymore.
Do I feel hurt by Ron? Not anymore.

What do I feel for COG-PKG? Well, not too much anymore truth be told.

I still work through a lot of junk because of it all, but, it's just turned into something so pathetic... for everyone still a member.

Given my example before about the Elders, they too will have a lot to answer for - I bet I wasn't the only newbie who stuck around because 'they (elders) know better'. Hats off to Benjamin for leaving...

Now, for something important....what on earth will I wear to work today??? mmmmmmm

Dill Weed said...

Cheers, Kirrily!

Ron is no more loyal to the Matthews than he is loyal to God. He is using them at a higher level than regular sheeples. When the end comes, and it is coming, he will leave them with their hands out and shame faced. "Sorry, folks that's all." I believe they know this.

It is a person's inner dialouge that holds them in PKG and Ron reinforces that as much as he can, but there are limits and sooner or later people get wise, which requires Weinland's constant effort to readjust their reality.

Big things looming, excuses and changes that is.

Dill Weed

purplehymnal said...

"I am convinced now that Weinland is nothing less than a religious con man. Period."

Glad to see the tide is changing. The less people Weinland can fool with his "insane lying false prophet" act, the more likely it is he'll be up for a little stay in Club Fed.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Next up: America's fall which is supposed to happen at the latest by fall this year.

In his Last Great Day sermon in which he redefined "time", Ron extended the downfall until as late as August of next year. 2008 GFW required it by June of last year, but he's slid it out over 2 years.

Mark said...

And ALLLLLL those people he just promoted in his organization are doubly accountable for Ron's false prophecies- if they continue to perpetuate the lies even though their conscience says he is wrong.

Dennis said...

"...and it is PRIDE that stops them admitting the truth - pure and simple."

And it is Ron's constant projection of how much he hates pride and loves humility that betrays his mental state. He knows his pride and the position he has concocted for himself is pure pride and a failed one at that. He needs out in order to say a minister at least with people and income. It is also mental illness.

I learned to listen to the repetative themes of sermons by ministers and in doing so one can get an insite into the things the man himself wrestles with. I did it myself.

Richard said...

So if the things Mr. Weinland said about the seven thunders "aren't mine," then where did he get them?

If they didn't come from the Spirit of God, are they from.... uh, well.... the Adversary?

Anonymous said...

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titleist3 said...

Kirilly XPKG, I have a very close friend who has fallen into the lies of Ron. I have tried multiple things to get him out of the group, and I can't seem to move him an inch. Is there a way I can e-mail you more about the subject?

Kirrily Xpkg said...

Hey, yes you can email me. Dill, is there any way I can give this person my email address without posting it here?

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

titleist3, if you'll send me an email, I'll forward your address to Kirrily.

My email address is
[ekimks AT gmail DOT com]
This is formatted a bit differently to keep the spam robots from harvesting my email address, so you'll have to fix it up to the correct format for an email address.

Or you can see my email address in a picture on the side of my blog.

Best of luck with your friend. I've come to the conclusion that if Ron tells his followers that down is up, there's no way that you're going to be able to convince them any differently. But there are exceptions.