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Weinland - A New Test For Prophet Hood

Dill Weed, Jr. appreciates the gift of the watermelon. He's just having trouble figuring out what to do with it. : D
A recent post in response to WO that got me thinking and seemed worth a post here.
Hi WO,

Your comment was refreshing. The reading you have done has broadened your knowledge. And, you are expecting evidence to substantiate claims.
It is true that Ron said (GWF Pg 108) speaking of the 2nd phase of the 5 Thunder, of the Sixth Seal of Revelation, of which Jesus revealed the meaning to Ron (See below), "the PRIMARY EXCEPTION to this (the increasing deaths of religous figures in the 2nd phase of the 5th Thunder of the 6th Seal of Revelation) will be the Pope of the Catholic Church who is prophesied to die directly after the return of Christ."
In his, God’s Love is Coming sermon on April 12, 2008 At 4 min 15 sec mark Ron said, “And the one he (Satan) is going to start influencing in a very powerful way, starting on April the 17th when the Pope (Ratzinger) is in Washington DC, because that’s when it begins and that’s when he begins to be influenced highly, and that’s going to grow in strength and power over the period of time to follow.”
In his, God's Witness is Ending, Pt. 1 sermon on December 20, 2008 1 hr 10 min mark, "Pope (Ratzinger) is working behind the scenes to bring about 10 nation EU."
Ron has given an indisputable test for his prophet hood, BUT he may have a way out, although he would have to revise what he said and that's a problem because:
Ron said, GFW Pg 63 "When Christ began opening those Seals, He revealed their meaning to me, His servant.”
Christ told Ron the meaning of the Seals. 1st Seal opened 1994.
Did Christ tell Ron the meaning of all the Seals then? No. (Well, how do you know, Dill Weed?)
Ron has said many times that he doesn't know... until it is 'given'. He has not been able to be specific and when he has....
But, Ron was specific about the Pope and the 2nd phase of 5th Thunder of the 6th Seal of Revelation because Jesus was specific.
We must conclude that Ratzinger was the Pope when Christ opened the 6th Seal. Why?
Because, if John Paul was the Pope then - Christ would have told Ron - that Pope (John Paul) would die and the next Pope will be the False Prophet and will die after I return. Christ would have KNOWN that Pope John Paul would die before He returned and John Paul could not be the False Prophet of Revelation.
Ratzinger became Pope April 2005 - well before God's Final Witness was published Nov 2006.
Christ told Ron, and told him specifically so, how Pope Ratzinger would be different from all the other religious leaders who would die in the 2nd phase of the 5th Thunder of the 6th Seal of Revelation that Christ had opened and whose meaning He had given to His Prophet and Spokesman, Ron - Different - How so? That RATZINGER would not die until He returned May 2012.
Jesus knew who he was talking about, Ratzinger, the Pope alive at the time He opened the 6th Seal of Revelation, and made a specific claim about, which He had Ron deliver as prophesy in God's Final Witness Pg 108. Which would, of course, later echo as part of the 6th Thunder confirming that Ron was God's Prophet and End Time Witness.
That is as specific and locked in as you can get.
If Ratzinger dies before Christ returns (May 2012) - Christ lied or was wrong OR Ron prophesied falsely, NOT MISTAKENLY OR PRESUMPTUOUSLY, but falsely!
Which would you believe?
What explanation could Ron possibly offer contradicting Jesus' own specific words about Pope Ratzinger?
What can we expect erstwhile from False Prophet Ratzinger? Powerful signs and wonders, the formation of a one world religon, the creation of an image of the Anti-Christ that speaks and probably the lead role in the issuance of the Mark of the Beast.
All from a 83 year old man with a broken wrist.
Is there a possible way out for Ron? "Christ was referring to the Pope in general."?
Nuh-uh! Why?
Jesus Christ was specific with Ron about the man in the position of Pope. How so? In that he, the Pope, alive at the opening of the 6th Seal, would not die until Christ returned May 2012, that he was the exception to the 2nd phase of the 5th Thunder of the 6th Seal of Revelation as revealed specifically to Ron, and would not die until directly after Christ returned. That man is none other than Pope Ratzinger!
If He was refering to John Paul - then Jesus would have been wrong.... Therefore, the Sixth Seal could ONLY refer to Ratzinger. Period. And no one else, because of Christ's specific statement relayed as prophecy by Ron.
If Ratzinger dies before Christ returns May 2012, Ron is proved a false prophet by Jesus' own words. Period. End of story.
Tick Tock

Dill Weed


Observer said...

Dill Weed: You get no argument from me there. If the Pope dies before Christ returns on May 27th 2012 then Ron was wrong.

BTW what traditional Christianity teaches about an anti Christ and what PKG teaches are completely different.

Also, did you know that from the time that the "man of sin" was revealed, when the Temple (body of Christ - the Church) was defiled at the opening of the first seal until PKG was established as God's true Church at Pentecost of 1998 was exactly 3 1/2 years (1260 days)? This was the remnant that was taken into the wilderness and protected for a time, times and half a time as you read in Revelation. I think that there is a lot that you don't know about PKG teaching and if you really want to understand it better you need to read the two books by Ron with your Bible open to compare. If you don't really want to know then that is your choice as well. Have a great day.

Dill Weed said...


You read the part about organizations identifying themselves in scripture. Every Christian religon does this. Opening oneself up to their explanations, which are never ending, and identification of themselves is mind bending because soon into it, you will have to take the explanation of another person about what the bible means and there is no contradicting them.

Reading what I have of PKG and others confirms it.

Can you see how someone wanting to believe God and teach about God could 'see' themselves in scripture and begin to weave their tale? Also, when one earns their living doing this, is rewarded with attention and praise, and becomes an authority as a result of representing God. Well, I don't doubt you see this could become intoxicating. But, they would protest, We are God's humble servants, etc.

I can't disprove Ron.

Either, what he says will come to pass or it won't.

Not believing Ron is not disproving him. I've looked forways he might disprove himself.

What things from the PKG perspective does Ratzinger have to do? I wrote the things I've gathered the false prophet must do.

Dill Weed

todd said...

i just love how O comes in, takes a jab at "traditional Christianity" (because hers is the only true church) and leaves with "have a great day"

LOL....too funny.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

It appears that Ratzinger has a good chance of surviving until the non-return of Christ on May 26, 2012. (Scheduled return is at sunset on May 26 in Jerusalem, and it will be May 26 throughout most of the world at that time.) After all, the 5 specific ministers that were to die as proof of Weinland's prophet-hood are all still alive even though they are old men and one is over 80.

If Ratzinger dies, Ron will probably ignore your point as will most of his followers. If pressed, he will come up with a lame explanation which all of his followers will buy, Observer included.

Dill Weed said...


If he does, then he directly contradicts the specific words Jesus gave him that were the exception to the 2nd phase of 5th thunder of the 6th Seal of Revelation whose meaning Jesus gave to Ron to prophesy in GFW.

I'd like to hear that excuse.

It may or may not happen. It is one brick in a wall about to fall. When they start falling, Ron's end game plays out.

He will have so much revising to do as time passes that only a fool would buy it.

Come to think of it, he may need to write another book.

The title of my next post will express the idea nicely. : )

Dill Weed

Tammy said...

I think we can find a lot of reasons to find RW false. That being said...I believe that alot of his predictions for end times have some accuracy. He could be right about events...and wrong on timing....and that alone makes him false.

Anonymous said...

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