Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ronald Weinland: The Silence of the Trumpets

A Prophet’s Log (Flush)
Increasing the Body of Christ (Summary)
Countdown: 803 Days
Remaining Sabbaths: 115
Fulfilled Prophecies: 0
Ron’s Death Toll: 0

False prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Columbia, MO this weekend. He was still suffering from the lingering effects of the out gassing of formaldehyde from last week. Most of the crowd is from out of town. They must not have anything better to do with their time.

Sounds like this sermon will be a snooze fest. I’m not expecting any new prophecy.

Hundreds of thousands will join, the Witnesses are not using their powers because they are not for show, but are for a specific purpose. Like making themselves known?

Blah, blah, blah, blah…. Boring! Blah, blah, blah, blah…. Ugh!

Here we go! Ron asks, “Could it be a year until the 2nd Trumpet sounds? Yes, it could. Could it be longer than a year? Yes, it very well could be.” The silence of the Thunders is followed by the silence of the Trumpets and it is deafening. This was, of course, buried mid-sermon.

Baptisms now can be done by laying on of hands. After dunking themselves converts can run by elders slapping high fives and be baptized. Whoo-Hoo!

Here is an interesting article on the timing of the Two Witnesses.

Cool video of the week. Enjoy!

Tick Tock.
Your time runs short, Ron Weinland. Judgment day is coming.
Dill Weed


jack635 said...

The Silence of the Trumpets. heh heh.

I wonder if Ron will let us know when those trumpets stop screaming.

Anonymous said...

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