Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ronald Weinland: Take These Truths

A Prophet’s Log (Flush)
The Final Truths (Summary)
Countdown: 263 Days
Remaining Sabbaths: 33
Fulfilled Prophecies: 0
Ron’s Death Toll: 0

False prophet and Spokesman Witness Ronald Weinland spoke from Dublin, Ireland this Sabbath. He’s finished up reviewing the Truths. He sounded rather subdued. It won’t be long until he has to abandon the 50th Truth that God gave him. LOL.

Oh, here we go. Ron says God has left a door open with respects things he is going to do. Hint. Hint. 50th truth bites the dust soon!

Weinland still does not know when the 2nd Trumpet is coming. Ron mentioned the five months, 5th Trumpet. Time is running out for the 2nd Trumpet!

The 6th Trumpet mentioned a year, a month and a day certain creatures would be loosed. Ron says this has already started. "Just watch the news." It's what Russia and China are saying. So, the 6th Trumpet came before the 2nd? Ron goes on to say that the sting of scorpions might be financial difficulties. He admits speculations made in August have not happened. He says it can take place in one day. Asia and Europe are not doing what they are supposed to do.

Ron urges his members to resist reading things into scriptures, but he does not limit himself in that way. Ron says we follow God. Who tells them what God is saying? Ron. Who passes along God’s corrections? Ron.

Ron says the U.S. Agriculture department is misreporting the amount of food available and that suddenly there will be a food shortage in the U.S. There have been earthquakes, droughts, fires and economic troubles. Thunders, he says. We'll see soon.

No new prophecy. No demonstration of Two Witness powers. Ron keeps putting off expectations.

LOL!!! Ron says the world will not come to 'know' The Two Witnesses until the last three weeks before Christ's return. So basically, the first three weeks in May 2012! Oh, that's a screamer!! He basically spent the sermon admitting that things haven't been happening and God has left the door open as to how he's going to do things. Ron says he will not know until after things happen - that things get 'witnessed' after the fact such as the opening of scrolls and seals, Trumpet blasts and Thunders, and the pouring out of bowls. HA! BUT, Ron knows that The Two Witnesses won't become known to the wicked world until 3, not 2, not 4, but 3 weeks before Christ's Return.

This is the gold I've been waiting for and there's more to come!

Cool video of the week

Tick Tock.

The Andrew G. slide rule correction for cats who can't subtract very well... 257 days and 37 Sabbaths remain.

Your time runs short, Ron Weinland. Judgment day is coming.
Dill Weed


jack635 said...

Ron says the U.S. Agriculture department is misreporting the amount of food available and that suddenly there will be a food shortage in the U.S.

Oh no! Not again! I hope this coming food shortage isn't as bad as that dreadful food shortage of 2010. Or 2008, that was a bad one too. Can't remember how many billions died. It must have been very traumatic to me because I am having difficulty remembering it.

Kirrily XPKG said...

Well, he better burn that damn book he wrote!

So, we were meant to know that Ron was gods witness by things cowing to pass EXACTLY as written in 2008 GFW.

Oh, but not now.

No, no we will know AFTER the event.

Ron and his wench are truly evil.

No part of me now believes he is deluded in any way. He is going to take this all the way.

jack635 said...

Well, he better burn that damn book he wrote!

Kirrily, if he could burn all those books he would. But we have the internet in these modern times. And once something is written to the internet, it's there for ever.

But I have a feeling he doesnt care. He thinks he is doing a good job of twisting things around to mean something completely different. Con artist do that all the time.

Reminds me of a quote from a movie called U Turn, with John Voight as the old indian man saying:

'Your lies are old, but you tell them well'

Douglas Becker said...


Does that mean that Ronald Weinland lives in a basement?

Rob Baillie said...

"subdued": receiving dues by subscription

Norm said...


Ron is a "Sub Dude"

I am hereby prophesying that the "Seventh Clarinet" will occur fourteen weeks from now.

To be clear, the "Seventh Clarinet" will make Ronald Weinland's penis as limp as his prophecies.

Even mental images of Snooki's tits will not help him when he cries, "UP PERISCOPE" and tries to have sexual relations with his flabby co-witness.

There will be much weeping and gnashing of gums.