Friday, August 14, 2009

Moses Znaimer of ideaCity Replies To Ronald Weinland.

5 deserved slights, ends with a challenge where Ron ended with a threat.

Dear Mr. Weinland,

Thank you for your note of August 1st, 2009. It's only just come to my attention, which is why I'm a little late with a reply. [I Tweeted and emailed him.]

Needless to say, what I was attempting at this year's ideaCity was to reflect a range of opinion on modern day religion; a spectrum that runs all the way from those who believe intensely, as you do, to those who think that religion is the most destructive force on our planet today. Indeed, I heard from other devout Christians who felt that it was you who was blaspheming, as they considered the fact that you declared yourself Prophet, to be an act of extreme arrogance. Still others urged upon me the argument that a pretension to know the mind of God, let alone to speak for Him, is in fact prima fascia evidence of a kind of insanity. [prima fascia - a matter appearing to be self-evident from the facts - i.e. that Ron is insane.]

Nonetheless, they stayed for the length of the Conference, because they were eager to engage in discussion and debate. [Unlike previous, less powerful prophets who stayed and reasoned from the scriptures with non-believers, we have an example of the Two Most Powerful Prophets and Witnesses of all time running out on this opportunity to rely on God in faith and witness boldy. Ron reported still being ill a week later. One wonders what God thought of His Witnesses.] I regret that you did not, in particular as I had no time with you one-on-one, and was fully intending to do so as the Conference wore on.

Still in all, I'm glad you at least got a bit of a value out of the experience.
Please keep my email address in your system, the better to keep me abreast of developments in your understanding of the history to come. It won't actually be that long before we can test the accuracy of your prophecy.

Best regards,


This is as an even handed and fair smack down as you can get, especially considering that Ron's self-serving letter sent July 21st appears to have been initially ignored. I don't think Moses was going to reply publicly to Ron's public posting until I brought it up. You can't really blame him. But, I wouldn't let it go as there is just too much fun to be had here. Moses has posted this on his website. People can make comments, but you have to email them in and there is no comments section like here and there is no place to register your vote, either.

On Moses site, I commented, "Ron claims to be more than a prophet. He claims to be the spokesman for the Two Witnesses of Revelation, the other of whom is his wife!" (The two most powerful prophets, eva!)

"Soon, he should be breathing fire, casting plagues and withholding rain from wherever he wishes. He should be quite formidable."

"I’d invite him back next year, publicly so, (that’s one of his annoying speech patterns, sorry.), with all of the claims he has made trotted out before he presents.
Don't let him just talk. Give him the points he must address. It should help. He craves publicity and sees it as validation from God that he is, in fact, God’s End Time *yawn* prophet.

"In fact,
Ron wondered aloud what purpose God had in mind when he received your invitation, Moses. I wonder if it is playing out how he imagined? BTW, Ron expects to receive increasing publicity. If you invite him back next year for a prophetic update, you would in his mind, be fulfilling one of the Thunders of Revelation."

"Now that I think about it. What better place for God to announce to the world that Ronald is His End Time Prophet and Witness than the very place he was routed and fled from in horror and despair? This could have been God's purpose in the initial invitation- a second unveiling of His prophet. Better have some fire extinguishers handy."

Tick Tock

Dill Weed


Dill Weed said...

Strap in, Dill Weed, you're going to Hell.

- Ron

Aggie said...

Um. 1. Moses believes in God? 2. Moses can't spell prima facie? LOLWUT

"It won't actually be that long before we can test the accuracy of your prophecy."

Been tested, Mr. Z. Any questions?

Dill Weed said...


He's Canadian, Aggie. I saw some different spellings when I looked it up.


Yeah, he's is new to the Weinland experience. So he doesn't know like we know. : D

Dill Weed

jack635 said...

Moses Znaimer said:
Indeed, I heard from other devout Christians who felt that it was you who was blaspheming, as they considered the fact that you declared yourself Prophet, to be an act of extreme arrogance.

Ronald Weinland arrogant? Come on now Moses, surely you jest!

Actually, Zed has quite a sense of humour. The word facia means a piece of wood to cover all the holes along the roof edge, so no one sees those unsightly gaps.

Moses Znaimer is a Hungarian Jewish immigrant, so he can be excused for any minor lexical error, and he is one of the most powerful and well liked media moguls in Canada.

DW, I like your idea of the Zed inviting the ILFPRW to ideaCity10. But will the city of Toronto still have the ability to put on another ideaCity, after all those trumpets of destruction coming upon us before next June?

Kirrily XPKG said...

I emailed this to Moses:-

Hi Moses,

I left Ron's group in January 2009 after his SECOND failure of prophecy. I can not stress enough what a dangerous, demented individual he is - and I can not stress to you enough how embarrassed I am to have stayed with his group for nearly 2 years. I guess I WANTED to believe him, and purposely ignored his many errors.

Should you be interested, I have compiled some of his failed prophecies/predictions here on the blog 'Don't Drink the Flavour Aid' which I will copy here below for your convenience. (Keep in mind, these are just from his book - there are MANY others that can be sourced from his interviews/sermons. Eg. "No new president will take office in January 2009"):-


Also Moses, some very interesting actual excerpts from his Sermons can be found at 'Radio Free PKG' - in December 2007, he stated that if things did not happen in April 2008 as he predicted, he would declare himself a false prophet. He said he got emails 'all the time' from people saying 'what if it doesn't happen' etc - he said 'You can tell people that I would be a false prophet - that is the only answer!". He said that others in the past had made prophecies, then when they didn't happen they said 'Oh, God has revealed this to me now, or I didn't understand - blah blah blah - it's all about the paycheck" - well, Ron did exactly that and claimed he 'misunderstood' the timing etc.

He then said 'If by Pentecost 2008 (June I think) that clear destruction of 1/3 plant life of the USA and into Canada has not been destroyed I will declare myself a false prophet' (paraphrased). No destruction, and no declaration of false prophet hood by Ron.

He then changed entirely the first timeline, into the second timeline - which began in December 2008 - then the 45-90 day destruction to occur from blowing of first trumpet.... Oh Moses, blah blah blah blah - NOTHING has happened that he predicted. NOTHING. Now he keeps increasing timelines, making 'new truths' that God 'gives' him. It is just so sad.

Anyway, as you can see by his own words, by his own books - he is a false prophet, with few (thank God) followers, yet the ones he touches are damaged to a great extent. I left in January and am still suffering. I take full responsibility of course - but the more people that can be stopped following this insane liar the better.

Thank you for your time Moses - please feel free to use any of this email if you desire - just please keep my email address confidential - but feel free to use my name, I don't mind.

Kindest regards,

todd said...

yep, that would be a smackdown!