Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An Open Letter to Ronald Weinland and Moses Znaimer

Ronald Weinland claims to be more than a prophet.

He claims to be Spokesman for the Two Witnesses of Revelation. Ron is the 1st Witness and his wife, Laura, is the 2nd. He announced this on his website.

They are the two most powerful prophets to have ever existed.

Ron and Laura began their 1260 day ministry December 14, 2008 (After a false start which I won’t go into). The beginning of their ministry also marked the beginning of the last 3 ½ years of The Great Tribulation. (You didn’t know that the Great tribulation was underway?)

Ron prophesied that nuclear bombs would go off in port cities in the US and Canada. This would be the 2nd Trumpet.

The 1st Trumpet was to result in wide spread physical destruction to Canada and the US, according to Ron’s book, God’s Final Witness – 2008. But, it turned out not to be physical destruction after all, Ron informed his congregation that it was SPIRITUAL and therefore observable by none save Ron. He is God’s prophet after all and the conduit for revelation and *yawn* interpretation - as he frequently reminds listeners, often loudly.

Ronald Weinland is special. Since December 17, 1994 Christ has spoken into his mind each time He has opened a Seal of Revelation according to God’s Final Witness – 2008, Pg 63. All the seals have been opened, by the way. (You missed that, too?)

Given Ron’s bold prophecies, I encourage Moses to PUBLICLY invite him back for an update with all of the claims he has made reviewed BEFORE he presents. Don't let him just talk. Give him the points he must address.

Ron craves publicity and sees it as validation from God that he is, in fact, God's End Time prophet. Increased publicity for The Two Witnesses is fulfillment of the 6th Thunder of Revelation revealing him as God’s End Time prophet.

In a sermon, Ron wondered aloud what purpose God had in mind when he received his invitation to ideaCity . I wonder if it is playing out how he imagined it.

God’s purposes and methods are not always easily understood. His ways ARE higher than our ways. Ron understands this.

What better place for God to announce to the world that Ronald is His End Time Prophet and Witness than the very place from which he was routed and fled from in horror and despair and was still a month later ill about it?

This could have been God's purpose in the initial invitation- a second unveiling of His prophet. God is a God of second chances is He not? Clear the day of any speaker who might offend Ron. Don’t give him a readymade excuse to refuse.

Ron and Laura should soon be quite formidable. They will be able to breathe fire to destroy those who would do them harm, call down plagues at will and stop rain anywhere. By the time the next ideaCity rolls around we will be 18 months into The Great Tribulation.

Make the Weinland’s invitation public – with the press release above. I’m willing to pay for a bill board or sign saying, “Welcome Ron and Laura Weinland – The Two Witnesses of Revelation!”

For a complete history of Ronald Weinland see:

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Tick Tock

Dill Weed


Kirrily XPKG said...

Cool post Dill :-)

Mine didn't make it up :-(

Time is surely running out for Ron - Not long to go now for LGD - I wonder what God will 'give' him next!

Dill Weed said...

How about a black eye?

Me thinks thoroughly debunking Ron might be a little much for casual readers.

: /

You always welcome to guest post here if you like. : )

Wouldn't it be great if Ron got invited back?

Dill Weed

Kirrily XPKG said...

Hey - and I thought I had toned it down!! LOL!! :-)

Thanks Dill.

It would be a classic if he did go back - I'M 50/50 on whether he would or not.

He does seem to have an answer for everything - albeit crazy as it all sounds.

Very interesting indeed!

todd said...

well, if he does get called back, he will use it to draw more attention to himself. but he may try to do a little damage control as he made himself look like such a fool the first go around.