Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ronald Weinland: Hold Fast - For More Waiting.

A Prophet’s Log (Flush)
A Unity of Belief Pt. 2 (Summary)
Countdown: 999 Days
Remaining Sabbaths: 143
Fulfilled Prophecies: 0

Who is that coming on the clouds?

Do you recognize his silhouette?

Dallas, TX this week thanks to your tithe dollars. Ron’s recruiting people to sit in the front row. He may breath fire today! Seems people have time to mingle and chat with Ron. I’d be asking some pointed questions before I was thrown out on my ear. Dill Weed, Jr. would be outside with the motor running - he always wants to go to Pet Smart. Steve Boyer gives opening prayer and sounds like he is on death’s door.

Ron marvels at the size of Texas. Blah, blah, blah, blah…. 37 Sabbaths into the final 3 ½ years. (He’s joined Dill Weed’s Countdown! Heh-heh-heh)

Urgency all the time, watchful always, Blah, blah, blah, blah….

God is love, But he’s gonna kick your ass – if you don’t stick by me. (paraphrased.) Ron condemns surfing. Slaps podium. Here we go – Things don’t change, we just don’t understand them until God gives more. More rope to hang yourself with, Ron. Blah, blah, blah, blah….

Ron has got members counting Sabbaths. He has set up expectation for the 40th Sabbath. I wonder as Sabbaths flow by and nothing continues to happen or things improve – what will Ron do to maintain his hold? He is content at this point to review the ‘truths’ revealed to him and through him.

I am a God's End Time Prophet!

There will be no FaceBook in the new world! People so misuse it! He's going off the rails! - wouldn't want to be in the first row : D Apparently, some are gossiping on FaceBook. In the new world, people will use phones and send email, but not be able to use FaceBook. Whatever. Ron's really stressed out. He didn't mean to go at this in such depth. Aww.

A Freudian slip? Sorry, Bob (the COG Writer?), if Mr Armstrong's talking I want to listen...

Ron might be tearing up? TICK TOCK

FaceBook and MySpace will NOT exist in the new world. I gaurantee it. (LOL) Would that make it prophecy? Oh, Ron you're more fun than a barrel of e-ignorant monkeys!

Big Surprise: The Last Great Day there will be an addition to the 50th Truth. There will be no more Truths after the 50th. God gave it to Ron. This time we'll have to wait until the LGD for real it seems.

An interesting article by the COG Writer

Tick Tock.

Your time runs short, Ron Weinland. Judgment day is coming.

Dill Weed


Kirrily XPKG said...

Is he sounding more and more stressed each Sabbath do you reckon?

It seems that way!

Dill Weed said...

He seems to have taken the FaceBook and MySpace stuff personally.

I think putting the direct sheeple herding stuff at the front end may have done it. He usually beats them err... softens them up with scriptural examples first them clobbers them at the end with the guilt/scare hammer.

He is counting Sabbaths. One more notch cinched in his time vice.

Dill Weed

jack635 said...

"Do you recognize his silhouette?"

Well, let's see. It's not the grim reaper because even though it looks like some guy holding a scythe, he doesn't have a hood.

And it can't be Jesus cause he's alone and he's not wearing a crown.

Oh. I got it!

It's Ron shovelling shit into his congregations all over the world. Looks like he's on top on a very big pile.

Dill Weed said...


You crack me up! : D

It's the Grim Reaper! Or at least someone named it that way. You interpretation is funny though.

Dill Weed

Rob said...

Now I know why my wayward brother deleted his facebook account....Unbelievable!!.I have always known Ron and his church was a cult..This news just proves it; His followers are being controlled so they can not think for themselves.. So sad!