Monday, September 13, 2010

Ronald Weinland:Half Way Through The Great Tribulation

A Prophet’s Log (Flush)
Thankfulness Pt. 2 (Summary)
Countdown: 627 Days
Remaining Sabbaths: 83
Fulfilled Prophecies: 0
Ron’s Death Toll: 0

Religious con man, Ronald Weinland spoke from Los Angeles, CA this Sabbath. Miraculously, Weinland avoided performing any miracles… and just as amazing… Weinland also managed to avoid prophesying (the major mandate of his God given ministry). Ron also did not burn up anyone with breath of fire - for which the cat in the picture is obviously grateful. Maybe he should try one the peppers in the video below? (Heh-heh-heh) Enjoy!

Ron, however seems to be in touch with the spirit world which he reports is ‘stirred up.’ *yawn*

The spirit world ‘gets stirred up’ whenever some minister or religious group experiences or is about to experience some adversity – in this case we can assume it's the minister and not the group since no one knows or cares enough about PKG to want to oppose them in any way that might be termed persecution. Mike has the details.

The spirit world is ‘stirred up’, but the real world remains blissfully ignorant that the Great Tribulation is half-way over.

Dill Weed, Jr. has been snick snicking snicking away at the branch preparing for Debbies’ grand exit from Dill Weed’s Great End of The End Contest.

Cool video of the week

Tick Tock.

Your time runs short, Ron Weinland. Judgment day is coming.
Dill Weed


Debbie said...

Hey Dill - sounds like you a doin' a bit of prophesying yourself there, he,he -

Tell Jr. to slow down - I still have 9 days left - you never know what can happen -

Dill Weed said...

I pulled Junior's tail for you!

Dill Weed

Anonymous said...

I always inspired by you, your views and attitude, again, thanks for this nice post.

- Thomas