Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We've Reach the Half-Way Point, Weinland

That's rightfolks, we're over half-way through Ronald Wenland's Great Tribulation.

I've had to update my countdown. ( I couldn't wait to say that.) So now we're counting down to Christ's non-return May 27th 2012. God seems to have stopped talking to Ron 'in his mind' as we've not heard much in the way of prophesy from the Spokesman Witness or his silent side kick.

I seem to remember the Two Witnesses ministry to be one of prophesying. All Ron is doing is giving powerfully boring sermons in a powerfully boring style punctuated with the occasional awkward, ill timed, squawk, "It's all about family!" usually followed up with complaints about how people aren't getting along.

Are PKGers squirming in their seats beginning to question whether this couple are really God's Two Witnesses? One would hope so.

All Ron has been doing lately is 'discovering' new truths' in old literature. Oh, of course, these are divine gifts *yawn* from God delivered through his End Time Knuckle... err prophet. Ron leans on these as 'evidence' that he is God's prophet. And he has too.

All of his so called prophecies have failed to materialize so powerfully so that Ron seems to have learned the value of keeping his mouth shut when it comes to prophesying and sticking to the safe waters of speaking of that which is already written, of course, unless it involves Revelation where minds might start inquiring as to why THE TWO WITNESSES WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE GREATEST, MOST POWERFUL PROPHETS EVER - PERFORMING MIRACLES GREATER THAT CHRIST'S SEEM TO BE SO ORDINARY AND UNREMARKABLE, AND NOT TO MENTION, SO UNKNOWN.

The clock is ticking again and it tick tocks louder still to the hour Ronald Weinland denies Christ. How will Weinland deny Christ?

Consider: Weinland's entire theology is based on the understanding imparted to him when Jesus told him he had opened the first seal... blah, blah, blah.... Jesus told him about when he opened the other seals blah, blah, blah.... God told him (snicker - ah man I told myself I was going to make it through this without snickering!) God told him that he was not only His End Time Prophet, but that he and his wife were the Two Witnesses of Revelation - the Greatest and Most Powerful prophets EVA!

So how could the Two Most powerful prophets to have ever lived be wrong about Christ's return? Well, they simply couldn't, could they?

Tick Tock

The bell tolls for thee Ronald Weinland. Your hour of judgment draws near.

Dill Weed


Ron said...

I did not know there was a contest! I want in! I pick 31-Dec-2011. That is about six months prior to the non-return of Jesus Christ, and on a Sabbath. Ronnie can give a new "truth" right then explaining how God has been so merciful as to stretch out the not-so-great tribulation.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

All right!!! Consensus seems to be building for December 2011 or January 2012. (I've got the following sabbath)

Anonymous said...

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