Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's Official, Ronald Weinland, We Do Have A Legitimate American President


Another Ronald Weinland, Two Witness, End Time Prophet, Final Elijah, Zerrubabel, with the plumb line in his hand, prophecy has been disproven!

That's right ladies and gentleman, Weinland's claim there would not be another president, and recent gloating reference to that prophecy stating that we didn't have a legitimate president has been thoroughly debunked! President Obama, real and legitimate and AMERICAN, released his long form birth certificate to the nation and the world! YEEE - DOG!!!

This is another nail in the coffin for Ronald Weinland's so called ministry. This will not escape the ears of his listeners, who now have another reason to doubt his validity a prophet. There are more coming. We'll just have to wait a short while. But, each one will documented and celebrated here! WHOO-HOO!!!!


What will Weinland say in his sermon?


Dill Weed


Todd said...

But it will escape his listeners. They are brainwashed. Brainwashed and ingnorant. He probably will never address it again, just like he hasn't on the Georgia conflict he wrote on his website where countries would choose sides and it would be the start of WWIII. What ever happened to that. I am absolutely dumbfounded at the sheep he leads.

Brent said...

There are some saying it's faked already due to the ability to see the layers in the document with some computer programs meaning it is a fake. However, Hawaii scanned documents to the database and all printed documents from that database will look like that now.

I have my original certificate in paper form. Unfortunately, barak can't produce his, only a 'copy' so it not 100% conclusive yet.

I'm not for BO and I'm definately not for RW, I'm just saying due to circumstances more time is needed.

RW will blow himslef well enough without this incident anyway. Just wait till June 2012 when your having your summer holiday to reflect on it.

Todd said...

Brent, I've lost my original BC and had to get a copy from the Department of Oklahoma records - that doesn't mean it is not "legal." It's still a legitimate BIRTH CERTIFICATE. I guess no matter what you show/prove to conservatives about Obama, they will believe whatever fits their agenda - to hate liberals and kill physically or "spiritually" (wow - I sound like RW) any Democratic President (I say physically because I was just educated on Operation Northwoods and I'm convinced the CIA killed JFK under the direction of General Lemnitzer - a right wing extremest and the other Joint Cheifs of Staff members that approved Northwinds - which JFK shot down). If you could physically travel back in time to Hawaii to watch him be born you would still find a way to dispute it - "I was there, that baby definately wasn't Obama. Obama has black curly hair. That must be Bar Obama of the Ouahu Obamas. I believe he runs a barber shop now."

Brent said...

Todd, I have no doubt Obama is ligit.

However, just to keep an open mind for those who doubt it, are you suggesting it's impossible to fake a BC if you had the type of people he has at his disposal?

I've seen faked passports. I couldn't tell even when shown the differences.

Douglas Becker said...

No seal. My copy has a seal.

Oh, just forget it.

The really important thing is...

He lies to them and then takes their money.

jack635 said...

Dill said What will Weinland say in his sermon?

My guess is he won't mention it again. He has a history of ignoring his failures.

razlich said...

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