Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dill Weed's Great End of The End Contest Update

And the winner is....

Aww, dang, we still have to wait! The next contestant in The Great End of The End contest is Ron (no, not THAT Ron), who guessed that Weinland would admit by December 31st, 2011 that he was a false prophet.

I'm not so sure it will happen by then. Weinland's just had a elder seminar in Sin City - an appropriate local for Two False and Failed Witnesses. (Which one of the cats isn't the same?)

The clock is tick tock ticking. Louder. Can you hear it? That could just be your kid in the kitchen banging on pots and pans, but roll with me on this one.

Where is the terror of The End? The United States is still an independent country. Australia and Great Britain - still standing. Weinland has been wrong on so many things it's difficult to name them all. What about the Thunders that should be "ever increasing, never decreasing" and so many more? But I really like this one.

What about Ron's claim he and his wife's Two Witness powers would not kick in until the last three weeks before May 27, 2012? We'll see.

Tick Tock

We are counting down to The End. Like waiting for a bus that never comes. Judgment day for Ronald Weinland, however, is racing towards us. Could a prophet wrong about so many things still be an apostle? I know Jesus is forgiving and all, but surely there are limits.

How could a person live knowing they made the most presumptous power grab ever by a biblical figure? How could they face themselves in a mirror? Laura, your included on this too. You are just as culpable. How could a person - even after they repented, as Ron and Laura surely will (this would be the time for the silent witness to speak if there ever was one.) how could they after that possibly claim to be God's representatives in any position whatsoever, even after asking the false question, "Where else could you go?"

Imagine how bad the Weinlands are going to make their God look - especially since they believe they are His Two Witnesses. God and Jesus have been so specific with Ron that he couldn't possible be wrong- Remember that their Two Witness powers won't kick in until 3rd, not the 2nd or 4th, but 3 weeks before Christ's return. I mean, how in anyway could one claim to be mistaken about that? That's pretty specific.

What about all the communications Ron has received from Jesus? The dates of the opening of The Seals, the impending deaths of Ron's former associates, Jesus' claim that Pope Ratzinger would still be alive when He returned? All specific, crystal clear, precise. We're waiting and the wait is almost over. (Yippee!) Now for some cat videos (what you really came for anyway!)

Two fat cats, one in disguise.


Tick Tock

Your time runs short, Ron Weinland. Judgment day is coming.
Dill Weed


Douglas Becker said...

Great post!

(Which one of the cats doesn't belong?)

The one on the bottom left is the only one which belongs -- the rest are fake.

How could they face themselves in a mirror?

If I may venture a fairly well supported and qualified opinion: It's easy -- they have no conscience, so there's no problem because they don't have any morals and they don't care what anyone thinks.

And remember, sociopaths and psychopaths do pretty much anything they want to, as long as they think they can win at not getting caught at it.

Just an opinion, mind you....

As for when rotten ronnie will admit he is a false prophet: I vote never, because it will never happen.

Dill Weed said...

I was still editing my post when you commented. Have you hugged your cat today? : D

Dill Weed

Douglas Becker said...

I was still editing my post when you commented. Have you hugged your cat today? : D

Dill Weed

Yes, I have -- it's about the only thing which keeps me sane, although... sometimes I think Mikey has taken on more than he can chew, what with his running for President under the Domestic Companion Party ticket. I worry that he will wear himself out. He's only getting 19 hours of sleep a day right now and he needs to rest up for what's coming Christmas Day (you can look for the "Easter Eggs" if you will).

Richard said...

There may be a clue to Ronald Weinland's upcoming explanation from what Harold Camping is saying these days. From the Family Radio website "special announcement":

"We now believe God led us to those dates, but did not give us complete understanding. In fact, we did not understand at all the correct significance of those two dates. We are waiting upon the Lord, and in His mercy He may give us understanding in the future regarding the significance of those two dates.... We do not believe the Biblical calendar is incorrect. "

In other words, he's still somewhat in a denial state. And in the meantime, CBS has purchased two of his network's biggest FM stations -- which tells me the $$$ are running low.

jack635 said...

Well Dill Weed, today is the 28th. Technically that puts me out of the contest, since I based my date on the old "five months of torment" counting back from May 27th. So I confused January with December. Maybe this means I'm priviledged and I get two tickets for the draw.

I think he probably won't ever admit to being a false prophet.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Ronnie! !'ve only 1day left! Jesus jus' ain't comin' back - and if he does, it ain't on your schedule

I gotta' win this contest; that is far and away more important than your lying silliness Ronnie. So man up today and admit he's not a'comin'.