Monday, March 12, 2012

Hey, Ron. Worthy of its Own Post.

More reasons why Ronald Weinland is wrong, wrong, wrong. Provided by our most recent contestant in Dillweed's Great End of The End Contest, Eric. Thanks, Eric for all the work you put into this.

A warning to readers, this smacks of reality. Reality which again smashes false words of a false prophet.

Eric said...

I accept that I have no powers of predicting the future. One failure is enough for me to recognise that I am not gifted in that area unlike someone else who seems to be able rationalise multiple failures away.

Hopefully, just maybe I removed one out for Ron but it looks like he is taking it to the bitter end.Thanks very much for allowing me to enter and play. I have never blogged before and usually make a mess of what I am trying to say. It’s been fun.

Hey PKG er’s the good news is that I got at least one thing right. One more reminder about what your prophet said -“Such exaggerated wishful thinking will only lead to a more painful reality once a complete global implosion strikes. The United States has already gone the way of Great Britain after WWII, but it will not address such a truth. Yes, the final prophesied collapse is at the door. At one time it was years away, then months, and now only WEEKS away.

It is the 11th here in New Zealand, five weeks after this prophecy. The buses and trains are still running, our dollar is stable and things are going well and look like they will continue to go well. Another complete failure for Ron.Just to cheer me up in my defeat let me give you one reason why it can’t be fulfilled even now.

Let’s look at three extracts from page 120 and 121 of 2008—GOD’S FINAL WITNESS (A) “The cumulative effect from the first three trumpet blasts will be announced by this fourth blast, which will cause much more destruction. By this time, over one-third of the population of the United States, the United Kingdom and their closest allies will have died.” (B) “The downfall of the United States and her closest allies will lead to a great power vacuum in the world; nations will race to fill the void.” (C) “The highlights of this Fifth Trumpet include: (1) the emergence of Satan and his large army of demons to great power (2) the emergence of great power wielded by the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope (3) the emergence of a fully-united European union of ten nations (4) the emergence of a colossal military might from this united European union and the destruction of several hundred million people by it”

Ah sorry, but 76 days for America to fall and for Europe to fill the vacuum. They don’t have enough naval power to fill a worldwide vacuum can never qualify as a colossal military might in the time available.

For example let’s look at the number of landing ships currently available to the European nations (I have excluded Britain) France: 4, Greece 5: (plus 4 landing hovercrafts), Italy: 3, Netherlands: 2, Spain: 3. That’s a total of 17. If they are going to fill the vacuum then they should all be embarking troops and equipment, then setting sail for their destination even now and that can’t change in 76 days. It takes months to plan for such things and years to build up military strength.

Pkg er’s – you don’t have to wait. It’s already not happening. It is not possible for these events to all happen on one day. Actually read Ron’s previous claims from the past and ask yourself if what he said in the past is consistent with what he now claims is possible in one day. Its not.

Hear! Hear!

Well done.

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Anonymous said...

What? Jesus is coming in 75 days? I better get my act together but I'll wait 70 days until I do that hehehe. Since I know when he'll be coming I'll go have all kinds of sex with women and party it up, then I'll accept Jesus 5 days before he comes, just in case he comes in 70 days. What do you guys think? Makes more sense then Ronnie the false Profit? I've got big plans this time, Ronnie you better be right this time not like that Harold Camping guy. God told him also and look how that turned out. Don't let me down Ronnie. If Jesus doesn't come i should start a cult and make some wild claims just like Ronnie the witless. I need a silent witness also, this shouldn't be hard to find.

Dill Weed said...

It seems to be profitable.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it seems profitable haha. Ronnie's in trouble with the IRS that could prove less profitable and maybe some jail time. His case is right after may 27th so we shall see how that plays out. It will be a great let down for Ron's followers after the 27th for sure. Let's see how he'll spin it.

Anonymous said...

Ron has not had a succesful prophecy. The publicity was supposed to be for his 'spiritual acts' not his financial ones. You give him too much credit for seemingly getting something right but you break your own critisim of compromise to expectation on prophecy.

He's due to leave the country to speak soon. Will he be allowed out though? If not that will prove he;s not a prophet because he's already planned the tours.

It's certificable that people still believe him.