Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Clobberin' Time

That which slaps you repeatedly in the face should not be denied. The ever patient Weinland Witness appears on the brink of acknowledging what we mockers already know - that Ron Weinland is no more a Witness of Revelation than I am an overwieght Vegas show girl.

Here's the funny thing though - Citizen X, author of the Weinland Witness, hasn't been listening to the prophet he's been more or less defending. (That's just too good! Hee-Hee) Citizen X, whose patience I admire more than his stubborn neutrality, is a couple of sermons behind and has thus failed to keep up with Ron's ephemeral and shifting finish line. Seems he was also misled by Ron's 'inspired' book which stated directly that the burning up of the grass and trees would be physical and that that destruction would fall upon the US and Canada.(Yawn) Citizen X has failed to to keep up with Ron's ever increasing light. (See Ron's Great Tribulation Delays Again, below.)

Back in December, Ron changed the meaning of burning trees and grass to… what amounts to a spiritual forrest fire (the humbling of people by God according to Witness Ron). Ron says ‘God gave this to him.’ Thus, that potential proof has been spiritualized away.

We'll see if Citizen X repents and moves his understanding into agreement with Ron's ever increasing light - remember, Ron is God's Prophet and we can only understand the things of God by listening humbly to Ron. That means shifting your beliefs to what Ron is saying this week even if it contradicts what he said last week or what he wrote 'under inspiration by God'. (Word.)

I think it will take some humilty (from Ron's perspective) on Citixen X's part to get in line with the prophet he has been defending. Some of X's commenters are already accepting Ron's latest prophetic shifts.

Rlee64- prophets don’t err when it comes to prophecy. Yet, you overlook that.

Think-differently- you think just the same, as in not for yourself - failing to use your God given powers of reason and the very test for determing the legitimacy of a prophet He himself has given. Tsk, tsk.

Tick Tock, Ron. Your time runneth short.

Dill Weed

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