Saturday, April 11, 2009

Distorted Reasoning: Waylon Smithers meet Wayne Matthews

A Prophet’s Log (Flushing Sound)
No Place for Pride/No Lie is of the Truth (Sermon Summary)
Countdown: 1139 Days
Remaining Sabbaths: 163
Number of Fulfilled Prophecies: 0

One word summary: SHEESH

Wayne Matthews is Waylon Smithers to Ron's Weinland's Montgomery Burns.

Wayne Matthews, “I tried to get out, but God pulled me back in.” (That wasn’t God, Wayne.)

Wayne Matthews has eaten the 50th slice of bologna – not just a portion - the whole slice. Think: Pass the Flavor Aid. And, he would share it with others. (Ugh)

Wayne Matthews’s prideful and rebellious thinking almost freed him from the mind control of the Church of Ron. However, he allowed doubt and fear to pull him back in. When you allow doubt and fear to control you, they become your god(s) - the levers by which you can be controlled.

Breaking free of mind control is not easy: The seeds of fear (mistaken beliefs) get planted deep – rational, intelligent people can come under their control – particularly religious beliefs that purport to explain the world and to answer unanswerable questions.

To be free and protect reason, one must recognize that some questions are just that - unanswerable – sure there will be people with ‘explanations’, but when you keep questioning their 'explanations' they wither away (and the explainer becomes exasperated and probably gets pissed off, especially if that explainer is Ron, who may smite you with his Two Witness Powers or just condemn your prideful, questioning attitude.) and you come up against the reality that that person doesn't really know they just believe and you should understand there is a difference.

That’s an important thing to realize because when you do you can then choose whether or not to allow yourself to believe their ‘explanations’ and therefore come under the control of those self-same 'explanations' and the under the influence, if not control, of the explainer, especially where independent thought is discouraged. (Very important that, mate.)

A Delusional U-turn

God in his mercy revealed to us the true timeline of the return of Jesus Christ. (Uh, Ron told you the original timeline and he was wrong.) Because we, individually, had to accept error in our thinking. (The error you made was believing Ron in the first place – that’s curable.) We had preconceived ideas, of which we still have in many other topics we’re not aware of yet. But that was one thing that we had to go through. (There is nothing wrong with preconceived ideas as long as you are not bound by them and the same for new ideas – all of which should be rigorously and continuously tested and discarded when found in error.)

Now I did come to see in time that I also, like everybody else, had to challenge my own thinking. How could this be? What was I really thinking? (Uh, there’s nothing wrong with your thinking (just your conclusions) – you obviously questioned the initial mistaken claims by a man who claims to be a prophet. Nothing wrong so far…)

As God revealed the truth to me through the 50th truth, (Uh, that wasn’t God talking partner, that was Ron explaining away his mistaken proph err… predictions. NOT GOD, got it?) I came to understand that the problem was me, (Damn, Ron has got you to believing THAT you were the problem – not his failed predictions! To quote Charlie Brown, “UGH!!”) that I had preconceived ideas, and that I did not like being wrong. It was a painful experience to go through. (It’s going to get more painful: THE TRUTH WILL PISS YOU OFF, BUT IT WILL SET YOU FREE.)

It went through a process and I saw it reasonably quickly what was wrong. But it took time to continue to mature -- and that’s still a lifelong process. (You are right, testing one’s beliefs is a lifelong process, a very important one. Keep testing. You have nothing but my best wishes.)

Prophets don't give wrong information, Wayne.

Tick Tock. Your time runs short, Ron Weinland.

Dill Weed


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