Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ronald Weinland Draws Laughter at Idea City

A Prophet’s Log (Flushing Sound)
Half A Time (Sermon Summary) Countdown: 1069 Days
Remaining Sabbaths: 153
Number of Fulfilled Prophecies: 0


Baptisms and ordinations…. Blah, blah, blah, blah…. We interrupt this series for an important announcement to be read by Ron. If I had known Ron was going to read his post, I might not have read it myself.

Ugh, the good, the bad, but no ugly? Oh, the ugly is Ron’s sermon.

Ron reflects on his experience at Idea City. Ron apparently needs an audience with a ‘meek spirit.’ He seems to be apologizing for his performance. He’s hedging an awful lot. Intellectuals are hard to deal with. They think for themselves and ask questions. Intellectuals really irk Ron. Ron marvels…. Blah, blah, blah, blah…. Ron marvels again.

Sermon filler… Blah, blah, blah, blah…. Blah, blah, blah, blah….

Ron was laughed at Idea City. He was laughed at by ‘prideful, haughty people.’ Yeah, right.

The church fast in January has caused God to rearrange events within the time frame of the last 3 ½ years. Ron asks, “How long can you wait for the 2nd Trumpet?” The real question is how long can the 2nd Trumpet delay and not put the lie to your prophecies?

There will be a special sermon given on The Last Great Day. *yawn*

An individual made comments questioning the validity of Ron’s book and the four gospels. This upset Ron. Ron pitches sighs and slaps the podium. Apparently, other speakers attacked the bible and Christ’s death. I guess during their presentations. Ron was so upset he had to leave.

Too bad he could not use Two Witness powers to straighten them out. Ron did you pray to God to give you power?

I hope some in his audience are asking themselves this question. Here we go: Ron says he would rather be under an outhouse when someone was using it. (Whatever.)

Trumpets 2 thru 4 could just be the after effects of nuclear weapons. Ron says the damage will be local, not worldwide - so the damage will be localized. The great star from heaven might just be... a nuclear explosion. According to Ron all the trumpets after number 2 could just be 'nuclear spinoff.'

Don't forget to pull Ron's finger to get a prophecy!

Dill Weed Jr., my cat, would like your company in the followers section. He doesn’t bite, unless you don’t feed him. ; - )

Tick Tock.

Your time runs short, Ron Weinland. Judgment day is coming.

Dill Weed


Richard said...

Too bad he could not use Two Witness powers to straighten them out.

Seems to me the people laughing the "Armageddon Forecaster" (title from were enemies of God, and thus the two witnesses. Based on Revelation 11:5, the witnesses should have devoured them with fire -- or else devoured the anti-Christian speakers at the conference.

What is Mr. Weinland waiting for? Well???????

Dill Weed said...

Doesn't it say they would die in the same manner, so they'd have to die by laughter.

Dill Weed

Anonymous said...

Dill Weed,

I am enjoying the company of your cat :-)


Dill Weed said...


I hope to have the followers section well populated as an expression of solidarity against the harmful teaching of False Prophet Ron - and to do it at his expense - paid for by our laughter.

Your comments on Mike's blog were right on. You saw through him. The importance of testing what others would have you believe can't be understated.

Dill Weed