Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ronald Weinland Refuses to Use His God Given Witness Powers?

This started out as a comment on Mike's, Don't Drink The Flavor Aid. But, I got so 'stirred up' writing it, I thought I'd make a post out of it. So since, I'm the boss here, here it is.
I'd hate to see Weinland get more publicity because of being associated with the 2012 hysteria that is building, but it may happen. It wouldn't really show God's hand if it happened that way. BTW, there's a 2012 movie coming out that looks scary.
I'd rather see Ron boldly announcing God's judgment on the nations (not just reading jugdments out of the bible and repeating what I've heard a hundred times, if I've heard them once) and powerfully declaring that it will not rain in a specific location and perhaps a sprinkling of those Egyptian plagues, too. (just wishful thinking, but if you're reading, Ron... ) THAT would be a way to announce their Two Witness presence, huh? My prediction, ain't gonna happen, but I'm still gonna be watching.
As for Ron becoming so upset with the blasphemy he witnessed, I'm left wondering why God didn't use Ron then and there to magnify His Holy name. I mean Ron and Laura ARE the Two Witnesses of Revelation and we ARE 6 months into their ministry, right? (Maybe, Ron can answer...)
Imagine the witness that Ron, filled with the Holy Spirit and imbued with Two Witness Powers, could have given! Tucking tail and fleeing, well it just doesn't smack of a true prophet of God or of the Two Witnesses of Revelation for that matter, does it?
Perhaps, God's plan is to play this subtly though... allowing His Witnesses to continue their rather ho-hum ministry for a year or two into the End Time? Maybe, Ron could clue us in since God talks to him in his mind. I'm all ears.
It would be nice if God got specific with Ron or if Ron got a new hearing aid, a few fulfilled prophecies might get him more respect and media time. You'll need more accurate predictions than economists and weathermen make. You've got to be specific and right to get respect Ron and so far... not so good.
It was a disappointment to hear Ron say that he now believes that he won't get his Two Witness Powers until after the 5th Trumpet. Where's the fun in that?
I mean there is going to be a lot happening after the 5th Trumpet. It doesn't seem like a long time for the world to get to hate him and his wife so much that they would celebrate their deaths by giving gifts, does it?
Ah, well, but Ron reveals God's plan as God reveals them to him. So, we will just have to wait.
I'm OK with waiting and watching for the proof of a prophet.
I don't like that Ron is so vague with his prophecies, but maybe that will change as God continues to 'work with Ron'.
In any case, I'll be listening and reporting.
Thanks for reading as I chronicle Ronald Weinland's con.
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jack635 said...

Ronnie does not use his "witness powers" because he does not have "witness powers".

Let me borrow a quote from HWA:

If you are deceived, you don't know that you are deceived, because you are deceived.

jack635 said...

Truly, truly, the only power Ron has is the power to destroy the faith in God his followers still cling to.

Those who mortgaged their homes in anticipation of the U.S. no longer being a world power by the fall of 2008, probably don't believe in God anymore. At the very least, they don't believe in Ron anymore.

Satan would be pleased, but he's tied up at the moment.

Anonymous said...

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