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Ron Smacked Down Again By Citizen X

Citizen X
Hello Charity,

You said:

He admits that he (Ron) misunderstood the timing because of a belief that the Church of God had traditionally held that Christ would return on Triumpets

taking into consideration what God had revealed to him about 2008 being the year of a final witness, led Ron to a wrong conclusion that the 3 1/2 years began on April 14th 2008.

You speak of ‘beliefs’ and ‘conclusions’ when speaking of how Ronald Weinland arrived at his words.

That is not how God works through a prophet. He doesn’t just allow them to predict whatever they ‘believe’ will happen - he gives them a specific message with specific facts. It comes from God. Not the prophet. Not the prophet’s beliefs, or conclusions. Prophecy comes from God.

I’m actually rather surprised that you corrected me, only to say that Ronald Weinland prophesied something that was not of God. Why is he predicting a certain time when God has not given him that time? Why is he passing off his own understanding as if they are God’s words? A true prophet would never do that. The responsibility is simply too great.

A prophet knows the awesome responsibility he has, and how people will take his words very seriously. And yet, Ron Weinland, while declaring himself a prophet, stated his own opinions as if they were prophecy from God?

You also said:

“…the timeline was corrected…”

The timeline never should have had to be corrected. Never in biblical history have I heard of a true prophet of God throwing in some of his own opinions into the mix. Never. Elijah didn’t add his own flavor to the prophecies God gave him. Neither did Jeremiah. Or Jonah. They never deviated from the message God gave them.

“…The first trumpet did blow on Dec. 14th 2008…”

I have listened to Ron Weinland describe the characteristics of the First Trumpet many times. He repeatedly said it was a process that unfolded over 45-90 days. That’s it. 90 days from December 14th is March 14th. We have not seen the evidence of the First Trumpet. According to RW’s own description of the First Trumpet, he would be false. He said it was a process that unfolded over 45-90 days, and we have seen no evidence of that process. I have to declare him false.

“…Ron has not yet been given specifics about what happens as a result of it blowing…”

Yes, he has! He’s written it in his book, “2008 - Gods Final Witness”. He’s described the First Trumpet in detail. He’s talked about it in sermons, on radio shows. He’s repeatedly said it is a process that unfolds over 45-90 days. By those words that he himself has uttered, RW can be nothing else than a false prophet. There are no other possibilities, as much as I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He painted himself into this corner, but that’s what happens when you make a claim like that and utter such specific predictions.

If you say then that the actual nature and characteristics of the First Trumpet have changed, then that would mean RW’s original words describing it were false too. Do you see what kind of conundrums we are facing?

“…Please be sure that all your facts and understanding are correct before you conclude that though. There is much you could learn by listening to the sermons…”

Again, I have listened to the sermons. However, I have also listened to the entire breadth of the predictions RW has made. You are basically saying to me, “Yes, he said those things originally, but you need to hear the updated version…”

I’m not simply going to forget what he said. Words matter. You shouldn’t expect me to just forget the predictions he made and the prophecies he made. I hold him to those, just like you should. People of integrity should value their word, and right now it is looking very much like RW’s word has been quite devalued.

Taken from the Weinland Witness comment section.

Tick Tock

Dill Weed

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Anonymous said...

I have read most of the book and I have also read Revelations. In Ronald's book it says only some people could understand Revelations, but if I remember correctly the beginning of the book says blessed is he who reads the prophesy of this book. My question is, why would God want us to read this book of the bible if we were not supposed to understand it? There are other issues in this book I question. The bible is the real deal that you can measure against the conterfeit.