Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ron Weinland, AC/DC, and Rage Against the Machine

Have you heard the Byrd is the word? – Peter Griffin, Family Guy

Ron went back on the Micheal McConnel show. Mike had the good taste to lead into the interview with old AC/DC song. (I used to be a big fan, but I can’t remember the song’s name. Hypocrite or lapsed fan – you decide. Either one’s better than being a false prophet.) Mike also used Rage Against the Machine’s - The Battle of Los Angeles as his second lead in – another good choice.

I wish Mike had better prepared himself. He could have really smacked Ron down. (Sigh, I guess we’ll have to wait for the clock to invalidate Ron or some health issue to come up with one of them. Wouldn’t that be a real kick in the prophetic balls?)

Ron said that “people really want to nail him to the wall.” No Ron, they want you to: Put up or shut up. Unfortunately, Ron did neither.

Ron’s holding to his (prophecy?) prediction that nuclear weapons will be detonated in the US in a year or so depending on whether or not *yawn* we all humble ourselves or get humbled by the current economic crisis and repent seeking out God’s Final Witnesses, spokesman Ron and silent (cheese)sidekick, Laura. I really don’t see that happening.

Ron said the ecomonic system is collapsing and that it will not recover. Mike pointed out that he was still working and so were 92% of Americans. This was a funny moment in the interview as Ron scrambled for prophetic cover by retreating into economic fatalism. Ron’s answers were vague. (Surprise!) Mike probably had as much of a chance of nailing Ron to the wall as he would have nailing jello to the same wall. A little more preparation would have helped though.

Even if Ron were flushed from the bushes with laser targeted questions the kind his ‘mockers’ raise, he would still retreat into vaguery, biblical obfuscation and prophetic delay and evasion, or Ron's ace in the hole, spiritualization. The only thing that will put the lie to Ron and Laura is time and more unfulfilled ‘prophecies’. Ron’s going to have a lot more explaining to do as more Sabbaths tick by – all duly chronicled here.

The more Ron says the deeper he digs his hole. I think it is so funny that he believes he is God’s prophet and even more so that he thinks he and his wife are The Two Witnesses of Revelation. I just get a good chuckle from that every time I think about it.

As Ron’s prophetic events continue to delay (not happen), Ron’s going to have to keep changing his story. The thing I find interesting here is that Ron keeps being confronted by the failure of his predictions to materialize. Ron is faced with continuous evidence that he is not God’s prophet much less one of the Two Witnesses.

When will it begin to dawn on Ron that God is not backing him up and that he is not a prophet? This will be a difficult moment. Ron's delusion will be challenged. He’ll face some difficult choices that will sorely test his and his followers faith. If he maintains his claim to prophethood, he’ll may claim God is granting mankind a reprieve on Armageddon (because of Ron's great faithfulness or some unobservable repentance?). He’s already kind of doing this with claimed results of of January's two day fast. If he tries to explain further delays, pitchers of Kool Aid may not be far off.

A second route is less tenable: Biblical recalculation. This would undermine his credibility so much he’d be forced onto the tent revival circuit. I doubt Laura would go for that as she’s gotten used to world travel and nice accomodations. Ministering to the ignorant southern masses in sweaty, uncooled tents won’t sit well with her- even if the Harrell’s have to do it too. She’ll hang up on that call from God and probably divorce Ron and take him for half of his tithed worth, if the IRS doesn’t get it first.

Tick Tock. Your time is running short, Ron Weinland.

Dill Weed

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Consumeradvocate said...

Ron is so far out there that he makes Tim LaHaye look almost normal