Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ronald Weinland: I Told You So.

Let’s revisit Ron’s last post and see "where we are in time."

Over three years ago, the process began that is leading this world into a complete global meltdown, ending in a final world war. Where are the combatants? Where is the lead up? There are 7 weeks left.

In this final time, God is allowing mankind to temporarily experience a false sense of hope and belief that he can solve his own problems and that life will once again “get back on track.” I think Ron may soon have a message from God. Jesus will probably deliver it into Ron’s mind letting us know, heck, God’s gonna give us more time after all.

The hype in the stock market and false confidence in the power of the U.S. dollar is the epitome of man’s pride. Weinland continues to spend the soon to be worthless US dollar. The Dow is at 13,000 and Europe is working out its debt problems. “Crisis” is not being thrown around as much by the msm.

Jesus Christ is returning as King of kings on May 27th of this year, it is understood that others fully disbelieve that such is possible in only a short time. *Yawn* We don’t have long to wait do we? Tick Tock.
The false euphoria of choosing to believe that life is improving will only be a temporary experience and will only produce a far greater traumatic crash at the end. Ditto the above.

Such exaggerated wishful thinking will only lead to a more painful reality once a complete global implosion strikes. Aww, go pet a cat and support Mikey’s run for President of the USA. (see comment with cat pic)
The dollar is rapidly going the way of ancient Rome. I bought a cup of coffee for 20 cents today. Spent a quarter and got a nickel back. Take that you worthless dollar. I'm thankful that if you Google Ronald Weinland you get smacked by a truck load of posts from his quite able mockers.

U.S. is about to lose its place as a major player, and Europe, Iran, China, Russia, and Israel will step in as the major players. 7 count’em, 7 weeks left for this *yawn* to happen. But, remember it could all happen in the last 1/2 day.

Europe Is Rising. Really? Where is that 10 nation wonder to behold? The one that will *yawn* conquer the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and who will *yawn* hear unsettling noises rising out of the East? You know the 200 million man army. Is this being missed on the news?

For over sixty (long) years, God’s Church has been warning the world about this final power that will come upon the world in the form of ten unified nations in Europe. Do tell, Ron. Do tell God’s End Time prophet, Spokesman for The Two Witnesses of Revelation and God’s conduit to all mankind. Do tell.
Their belief is that the destruction of Israel will trigger “the coming” of the last Islamic Messiah. Well they better get crackin’, eh? TIME TO PUT THAT FALAFEL DOWN, put on that turbin AND GET TO WORK.

And he ends with... The signs are everywhere, but few are willing to discern them. Yes indeed, all but COGPKG members see them.

Oh and one other thing. Ron has taken several hours complimenting God's plan. How perfect it is. How intricate, how organized, how specific and accurate in every possible way. Just,... just... well perfect. Kind of like what you'd expect from God.

But wait... Not everything thing is going to "go as expected with the Two Witnesses." Waa???

Has God made a Boo-Boo?
Are The Two Witnesses going to die at The Beast's hands about 7 weeks from now? Won't Jesus be returning May 27th to fulfill, put the final point on God's perfect plan for redemption as described in the bible? As prophecied by God (Himself) through Jesus (Himself, too) through Ronald and Laura Weindland? Waa????
Stay tuned we're about to slip off the deep end.

Tick Tock


Douglas Becker said...

PKG = Psychotic Kook Group.

Douglas Becker said...

You know the 200 million man army.


They shall march on us with iPads!

Gabriel said...

Jesus DIED on the cross during Earth's 4,000 year (around AD 28) fulfilling the prophetic story of Moses, and he will return during Earth's 6,000 year (around AD 2028) fulfilling the prophetic story of Noah. Thus, there are roughly 16 years left until the "end" of this "age of sin" with the return of Jesus Christ at the end of the Antichrist's reign. So Weinland has PLENTY of time to keep lying, if the Lord allows him too.

Eric said...

One more reminder what Ron said on February 10th -

“Yes, the final prophesied collapse is at the door. At one time it was years away, then months, and now only weeks away.”

8 weeks and counting………….

And just to remind those PKG er’s that might be reading this about what he said in December, 2009 -
“As John the Baptist baptized thousands into a baptism of repentance in preparation for the first coming of Jesus Christ, God’s Church is now preparing for massive numbers of baptisms into the Body of Christ in preparation for the second coming of Jesus Christ.”

He has had 28 months for this to happen and now there are about 7 weeks left. This sort of thing can’t happen in a day in spite of what Ron says. Watch him avoid the topic and concentrate only on the things that could happen in the time left.

In the December, 2009 posting he said “John the Baptist was not a prophet”

In that posting he continually relegates John the Baptist to a type of himself i.e. lower than him, with himself as a fulfilment, I am not aware of a single prophet in the old and New Testament that said they were greater than other prophets. He is an example of the very pride that he preaches so fervently against.

Luke 7:26 - But what did you go out to see? A prophet? YES, I tell you, and much more than a prophet.

In the New Testament KJV Jesus Christ declares that John the Baptist was a prophet and more than a prophet.

Whether you believe in the bible or not you can see that Ron is not in harmony with the contents when it come to his self promotion.

Anonymous said...

Except, Gabriel... according to the Bible, the tree only has to bud, it doesn't have to completely fruit for Jesus to return. So not every little thing has to be completed. If it was we could accurately predict his return and that wouldn't be 'suddenly'

But in the terms of Rons timing we are still in summer with spring a long way off yet.

Really? said...

You guys make me laugh with your date settings for Jesus' return. Just go to the authority in the bible at Matthew 24:36-39. Go ahead and read it yourself. What does it say? No one knows that day except the father himself. What date is that? No one knows except God himself. So quit setting dates. If I knew when Jesus was coming then I could act irresponsibly and be unaccountable to God and then just repent near the end.

God only wants people that loves him wholeheartedly. He sees it all so stop setting a date and putting on your calendars to schedule his Son's return. If you do that you're no better off than Ron, Harold Camping, and such. Get real people. Don't tell God when he's going to bring Armageddon. He's going to do it when he wants to and it's already set in his mind. We just don't know when and all we can go by are the signs around us.