Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dill Weed's Great End of the End Contest

The Great End of The End Contest is Ended. To win a contestant had to guess the date that Ron denies Christ by admitting He won’t return May 27th, 2012… without going over! (Price is Right rules). 
On May 27th, 2012 Weinland admitted that Christ wouldn't come on that day. Weinland said, "Well Pentecost 2012 is here and we're still here.... and while disappointing that Jesus Christ has not yet appeared in his return to this earth. He's still coming." He cagily denied Christ would not be coming that day before it had actually been completed (Jerusalem time and all that). He held out 'hope' that Christ would return that day later in the sermon, but only after admitting it wouldn't happen.

The winner of
Dill Weed's Great End of The End Contest
without going over is...
Andrew G.!!! 

(The sound of a million kazoos blasting like mighty Trumpets!)

All hail Andrew as Great and Mighty!!! Able to prognosticate, predicticate and proofesy The End of The End from The Beginning of The End!  And mightily so!

Dill Weed, what will I win? Let the rules below... well. 
The winner will receive the undying admiration and adulation of their fellow contestants which may be expressed through comments like, “Pfffftt, that was my first guess!” or “That was a dang lucky guess - that’s what I was going to say!"

Let me be the first to say, Pffft! this was my first guess and had I not lost an arm wrestling contest to Junior this would have been our guess. If your gonna arm wrestle a cat don't wrestle one who does one arm push ups.

All contestants will admit your mightiness in declaring The End of The End and predictin’ and a prognosticatin’ the implosion of Ron’s false ministry! (We'll be green with envy!) (ministry which may continue in the basements of burned out and abandoned 7-11’s in the Cleveland area.) We’ll forego the ticker tape parade in NY and simply acknowledge that


Runner up salutations to Kirrily and Baywolfe!
Sadly, Weinland continues to minister.

Dill Weed


alison said...

I gave him the benefit of the doubt, as anything can happen. But his latest post is shaky. Its so thrown together, his desperation is clear.. i hurt for him, knowing greed will probably follow him to the grave. Your blogspot tears him down, and sure he had it coming, but he brings himself down regardless. Just remember he made a fool of himself and he knows without anyone telling him so.

Dill Weed said...

I think now it is more desperation than anything else. Because he has so much invested, he relies on it for income/retirement, has made it his profession, his identity, has made grandious claims publicly.

I have no sympathy for him whatsoever. I may sound cruel. I know. But, what he has knowingly done, deceived, lied and exploited for an extended peroid, and now seeeking to extend it farther, in the name of God, even though he is in comparison to others a hack, is dispicable and worthy of personal scorn.

In fanciful moments, very few I might add, one actually. I imagined he might admitt that he was a false prophet and that he and his swife we're never the Two Witnesses and that it was all a con game. Gotcha, now I'm retiring. But, with these type cons, people rarely give it up.

Kirrily said...

Hey Dill, are you coming back to blogging on Weinland after you and Jnr enjoy your vacation? Or like Jack are you done?

alison said...

Not that any of us can claim to be saints but its all about where you came from. I think we should have compassion for all, if not for others then for the fact that it generates more compassion for ourselves. Ive done things i consider horrible, things that resulted from lack of love.

Dougal said...

Just remember, that if we are all bored with Ron Weinland, and who isn't, there are heaps more loonies on ATS to follow for entertainment.

Just a thought!

Douglas Becker said...

Any sympathy should be reserved for his victims.

Congratulations, Andrew, for your lucky, albeit somewhat suspicious lucky guess win.

I don't believe it was a clear statement of "I was wrong" anywhere and it was a win "from a certain point of view".

But then, the first law of a successful project is to declare the project a success, even if it failed miserably.

Andrew Guenthner said...

Sorry for the late acceptance speech, I have been enjoying a nice Weinland-free vacation.

I will point out that Kirrily may also have a legitimate claim on the prize, as it was likely May 28th in the Eastern Hemisphere when Weinland made his announcement.

If it weren't for all the people he's hurt, the hilarious thing about Weinland would be that he never sees anything coming, or if he does, he just isn't smart enough to know how to handle it ahead of time. So he may well be the only "prophet" who spends all his time reacting to past events rather than being proactive. I have a feeling that, once his trial for tax evasion is over, he may regret his failure to be proactive, but then again, I haven't noticed much capacity for regret in Weinland either.