Wednesday, May 23, 2012

You Have Had Quite Enough Kool-Aid.

Palm meet forehead. In a post that defies reality, we hear from Ryan May 23, 2012 at 07:39 at Mike's DDTFA blog. Probably a good idea to go palm to forehead now as you will want to get a head start because this post is a real forehead slapfest. Part of me thinks it Laura, LOL.

Didn’t Jesus Christ “spiritualize” nearly everything that the Jews believed to be true “physically? The Jews believed that they were 100% right, taking everything from prophecy physically, but then with God’s Holy Spirit, so much was revealed to be different than what they thought it was. Would you consider Ezekiel to be a false prophet since he was writing about the captivity of Israel after the event was already happening ? Or the apostles believing that God’s Kingdom would be coming within their life-times, does this make them false servants of God ? Ugh. This has no bearing whatsoever. Weinland under inspiration from God said that the things stated in his book would happen exactly as written, exactly as given to him by God, proving he was God's End Time prophet and Spokesman Witness. He shows himself a false prophet by his own words. No, not his own words. The words God gave him.

The Church has been corrected very often throughout the pages of the Bible, so how can you sit here and say that God’s Church has to be perfect in all that it says ? It is not the Church that has to be perfect, only prophets have to be perfect - in prophecy.

Who cares if the timing of this end-time didn’t happen as it was stated, (See above) obviously he was wrong about the specific timing, because he was walking by the faith of what the Church believed to be true, and then they were corrected. (Prophets don't get do-overs, God said so.) It seemed all along the way that there wouldn’t be enough time left to fulfill everything, which is why he said certain things like August 2011, or January 2012, because it seemed like it couldn’t happen any later. Even right now, I was having trouble thinking that even the beginning stuff happening Friday or later, but now it feels like it has to happen that late (Are you freaking kidding?), because as soon as the 2nd Trumpet blows, it’s all over. Israel could pre-emptively strike Iran, I feel as late as Friday night (Eastern Time) [Check in Saturday morning, if you're free.], then basically Iran and allies destroying the United States and other parts of the Western World with the some 800 targets that they already have at their disposal to strike at. (You've been watching too much RT.) Then Europe does what it does (Those waskillay Europeans they're always going to do what they do!) very quickly to try filling-in the power-vacuum that results, but could only be a few hours before the Eastern powers step on in and the 6th Trumpet blows. It just doesn’t take long for things to happen. (Please, this could all happen in less time than it takes Ron to deliver a sermon. Remember, it could happen in the Last Hour.) All of you are hung-up on the timing having to go exactly as stated. (Well, yeah, actually, that IS what Ron said under inspiration.) [Shoulder shrug]

God’s Kingdom didn’t come when the apostles (namely Peter and Paul) originally thought that it would, so why doesn’t this make them false ? (That doesn't make them false it just makes them wrong AND they weren't prophesying!) The Bible even talks about “present truth”, the truth which the Church believes until God corrects them to what is true. (Undoubtedly, Ron will reveal some new Truths to explain past Truths that need to be spiritualized because you didn't really understand them in the first place. God hid their true meaning from you tricking YOU like he did Satan, remember?) It will be your privilege to accept these new Truths as "present Truths" when God allows you too. IF you don't understand or disagree [worse yet] God hasn't given you understanding, unless of course, He's tricking you again.)

The truth of Pentecost 2012 has not changed *yawn*, once this was revealed, this end-date hasn’t changed. Other things weren’t understood like the 3.5 Days of death in the streets. (Yeah, THAT was a good one!) Have God’s servants always been 100% right and accurate about everything ? Absolutely not !! Of course not !! God’s servants are far from perfect, just like the rest of the World. Why aren’t you so hung-up on discrediting the prophets and apostles of the Bible whom weren’t perfect ? (God set the standard for sucessfull prophesying not me.) You would so chastise Ron if he murdered somebody, this alone would cause you to say he cannot possibly be a prophet of God, even though Paul was a murderer but yet he’s looked upon as being of God. (Paul did not prophesy falsely.)

If nothing happens, then fine, the Church was wrong (No, Ronald Weinland was wrong - a fatal mistake for a prophet's career to any who have eyes to see, ears to hear and brains to discern) about the Jubilee of Jesus Christ returning on Pentecost 2012. I personally won’t look at Mr. Weinland as being a true prophet of God (Yeah!), but I will still hold onto God’s 7th-Day Sabbath and the annual Holy Days because they are commanded in Scripture. (If you must.) If you’re a Christian, why aren’t you at least following those things. You seem to believe that because Ron says the Sabbath is true, that this means it must be false since it came from out of his mouth. (Personally, I don't care about the Sabbath. I work it. The upside of Christ returning is I'd probably get half the day off.) Like you don’t believe that no man has gone to Heaven because Ron said it, even though Jesus Christ himself said this very thing. How do you escape those things, I don’t get it ? (If Ron said the sun was coming up tomorrow, I'd look outside to check.)

God’s people walk by faith, and there are stumbling blocks just like there always has been since 31 A.D. God’s Holy Spirit doesn’t give everything that is asked for, it gives when it’s in God’s will and timing. God didn’t lie to Ron about the original date, Ron just got the date wrong, he thought Trumpets 2011 came from God but it didn’t, and he admitted he was wrong, and began thinking differently while continuing to walk in the faith. (Prepare thyself for Ron to be wrong again.) If you don’t believe in Ron, then don’t waste your time in listening to him. There is plenty of stuff on this web-site to supposedly convince anybody that he is wrong if that is your goal. Your goal is to destroy the Church Of God – PKG, you hate it, you can’t stand it, whether it’s right or wrong, how can you do what you do and call yourself christian ? (Pish-tosh, I could careless about COG-PKG and whether it survives or not. It DOES bother me that people are being purposely misled in the name of God because I was once too.)

How are you justified in making fun of the way people pronounce their words ? (Mockers license.) It would be like you making fun of Moses because of his speech problems that he was having. (Moses demonstrated God given power for one and hith litph apparently was not that bad though I believe he may have been prone to long sermons like Ron. I suthupect they were not pointless, the Israelites were unusually stub-b-born.) Why is it justified just because you believe he is false ? (It's not a matter of belief, but of demonstrated fact. Conviction by his own words, if you will.) At least follow the ways that Jesus Christ brought to us, how can you be christian and refuse to acknowledge what Christ said and did, and not live the way he said to live ? (I'm not Christian.) That is what I’m taking away from all of this. Even if this date passes and nothing ever happens, I have learned so much about pride and selfishness, in myself especially but in others also (like me), and how to treat people, and interact with people, I have learned so much about what is the right and true way of living life (Laughs, like paying taxes?), how to treat our fellow neighbor. (Mock them if they lie and prophesy falsely) Just like Ron said in this past sermon, if death is what’s at the end of all of this (eternal death without resurrection), then how blessed have we already been ? Just to have been able to know everybody that I’ve met so far, and especially the 30 or so from my local Church group that I’ve grown to known and love so powerfully in a short amount of time, (I've grown very fond of people in my local Cat Fancy Club) it’s been such an incredible blessing *yawn* to have been able to know them, for however long or short a time, even if death was all that was coming, even if we were to die today and never live again, how blessed have I been to know these people that are willing to do ANYTHING to help each other, and they have NEVER asked me for anything in return, not even so much as asking for thanks or gratitude, or asking for love in return, never never never has this been asked of me. (Oh you do love them ever so much!! I wonder how long it will last?) So I have learned so much about living and relationships with others, regardless of what is true or false regarding prophecy. (Don't throw paper towels on bathroom floors.)


Douglas Becker said...

It should be pointed out that first, the Apostle Paul murdered Christians, then was convicted and changed, then became an apostle.

On the other hand, Weinland seems to have become a WCG member, minister, false prophet and will probably be convicted by this summer.

Isn't those directions completely opposite of each other? Weinland is going in the wrong direction: Instead of going evil to good, he has definitely gone good (if ever) to evil. Or maybe evil to more evil.

As for making fun of false prophets and mocking them, at minimum Elijah set the precident on Mount Carmel. He did what God commanded and put them to death. We can't do that today under the New Covenant (until Jesus returns with a hunting license -- remember to tag the dead meat for adequate credit for the kill!).

As for all that wonderful love, just wait for the day you leave or are disfellowshipped to see how fast that completely evaporates. In fact, your statement sounds like they are ignoring you already.

Perhaps praying for perception would be helpful, but it is doubtful there will be an answer in the positive for an idolator.

So far, Rotten Ronnie's god doesn't seem to be cooperating in the prophecy department, having gone on vacation and left His cell phone off and all. Maybe a page at the pool, but then, you don't know what Hotel He's staying in....

Anonymous said...

Being Christian or Muslim is easy, just mindlessly believe in a God and a silly religion that steals from old Paganism, and hope for a judgement day.

Brent said...

Anonymous (above) doesn't believe in God. he believes therefore in Evolution.... you know the plausible event where the computer we write on now came from Man who cam from a monkey who came from a fish who came from a microbe that magically appeared as the result of an explosion caused by something....!!!!

And you think WE are mad ???