Monday, May 28, 2012

Itchy, Scratchy Vacation

Junior and me are taking a little vacation to celebrate the prospect of upto another year of life! We will be observing Memorial Day with family.

We...err, one of us works weekends.*eyeroll* I don't count keeping my chair warm as work.Grr.

Clothed in sackcloth and itchy wool, we are absorbing the Present Truth. Junior's got his abacus out and I've got my old HP calculator, we're working out the cat calculus to determine the winner of Dillweed's Great End of the End Contest and the future of this blog.

Listening to Ron most recent post and he just made a comment about being thrown under the bus and laughed. Funny, you could tell he was really laughing about PKG members as it came just a he referred to them. It sounded stress relieving. He must have been imagining PKGers putting tithe checks in the mail. Dream on, Ron. Some are being thrown under the bus, but if they wake up they can prevent it. I hope they do.

Terminator music... We'll be back.
A good many things are more important than Ronald Weinland.
Time to see to some of them!


Brent said...

What on earth will we do for entertainment now. I guess we will have to wait for another book and another date from Ron and reset the clock again.

At least we know more false prophets will appear and disappear over the next few years. It would just be nice to have some fresh ones rather than the bold tired already disgraced ones havinf another go though.

Anonymous said...

i suppose we still have december 21st don't we ?

Douglas Becker said...

Not to worry: We can use Weinland's failure to sink all the other insane lying false prophets of Armstrongism.

But don't look to much to the trial because it may be anticlimactic with barely a slap on the wrist, if that. Could be. Perhaps no prison time.

Wouldn't want anyone to be disappointed.

Just sayin'.