Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Judgment Day

Three and a half years ago while searching for stuff on End Times, I discovered Ronald Weinland's book GFW - 2008. At that time I was still infected with apocolomania - the residue left from 20 plus years as a Jehovah's Witness. Even though I had been out for 10 plus years, I was still infected. I had a strong reaction to Weinland's book. I began commenting on Mike's blog. He suggested a blog of my own.

It turned out to be a good thing. When you are raised in a religion, it is difficult to truly escape it. I needed another perspective to escape. Listening to Weinland, I was able to see how I was deceived. Even though Weinland is an unskilled hack with poor speaking ability, he uses the same techniques Jehovah's Witnesses did. Set the hook - We have the Truth, dig it in deeper with ever more explanations about what scripture mean, establish authority as God's mouthpiece, and on.

No more apocolomania for me. I'm free. Done.

All I know about religion and God is this:

I know that I don't know.
I know that it is impossible to know.
IF anyone tells you they know, they are, at best, wrong. They are telling you what they believe.
Believing isn't knowing.
IF God wanted to make himself known, He could, clearly and unmistakeably, make himself known. He hasn't.  
That is just what I believe. I'm not pushing it.

Mocking Weinland has been entertaining. I look forward to seeing how things play out for him. I'll be following Mike's blog and will listen to Weinland to see how he steers things. In good health, Junior and me are retiring.

I have briefly felt sorry for Ron, but only until I remind myself what he has done. He discovered he could make a good living preaching. He saw that it was best to be at the top. It became about government. He made himself the government. Governing comes with a price. He pays it in private moments when he knows he is a lying, insane, false prophet. He fights it without, but knows it within. And that is the strongest condemnation.

Dill Weed and Junior


John said...

Your blog has been very entertaining about false prophet Ron as is also Mike's blog. It's sad if you are calling it quits but if you are I can understand why. You'll have time to do other things now so that's a good thing. Maybe I wasn't paying much attention but I never knew you were a Jehovah's witness. I guess that's why you got tired of all this end time talk but it never happens. I wish you the best.

Danny Haszard said...

Apocolomania-Now that is a cool word.
I am Danny Haszard born 1957 third generation to hard core Jehovah's Witnesses parents.Went through the 1975 'apocolomania' big time.It used to be 1914 for Jesus second coming is all we ever read,talked the false 'profits' Watchtower would like 1914 to go away.
Cheers.Danny Haszard FMI 'apostate with an attitude'

randy terlecki said...

i thank u so much 4 this blog u and mike r the man u help so many family members i thank Laura the gold digger runs everything like Tammy Faye and ron is a nut and weasel she is not going to let her living fall apart he is just stupid and she is a gold digger

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

It's been a privilege battling the false prophet with you the last 3.5+ years. Sounds like you got more out of it than the fun of mocking a false prophet, as have I.

Best of luck to you and Dillweed Jr, hope you stop by my blog occasionally and visit.

Douglas Becker said...

Mikey will miss Junior.

I have told him to squeeze the trigger slowly and aim, but he's always in a hurry and wants to get 'er done.

That's why he misses Junior.

jack635 said...

Thanks for all the laughs.

Eric said...

Thanks very much for the blog, the humor and the pleasure it has given me for four years. It’s been really interesting to watch the events unfold as they occur instead of reading about the past and much to my surprise I have posted a few items in the Latter end.

If Ron starts taking over our lives then he has caused damage in yet another way. I’m not going to be wasting as much time as I have in the past on him. I will however still keep an eye on his progress till either the second coming does occur (which will be most unexpected by Ron) or he dies from normal processes. I give PKGer’s three months after his death before his group disbands and he becomes another footnote in the failed churches of history.

I haven’t talked about my religious beliefs on this blog but I have a very strong faith and am confident that in the long run God will take care of things.

Ultimately in the end he will stand in a group of other false prophets be the receiver of “And then will I profess unto them, I NEVER KNEW YOU: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” (Full scripture Matt 7:15-23)

Iniquity: What a great word to describe Ronald Weinland. These are some definitions from different dictionaries.

- Gross immorality or injustice; wickedness: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language

- lack of justice or righteousness; wickedness; injustice: Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged
- Absence of moral or spiritual values or an unjust act, it is a combination of in-, "not," and aequus, "equal, just," from Latin: Farlex Trivia Dictionary.

That’s Ronald Weinland to a tee.

PKGer’s – Ultimately your alliance comes down to a choice. Read in the past what Ron has said would happen especially when he said that it didn’t come from him but from God. When these things didn’t happen then either he or God is a liar. Your choice!

My cat Lavender sends her regards to Mikey and Dillweed Jr.

Kirrilu said...

Thank you do much for blogging Dill, I've greatly appreciated it.

I've reached the EXACT same conclusion as you. I might steal your words on that if you don't mind!

See you in Mikes blog :)

Douglas Becker said...

But if you continue mocking him, your life will be extended.

Can't you hold out for a little longer?

Live long and prosper.

But that depends upon your mocking index!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to post this blog, and for the unique perspective you offer on this subject.
(And thanks for the laughs.)

All the best and Good luck.

From Blogfollower #666

Andrew Guenthner said...

Thank you Dillweed for keeping the blog going week after week, and listening to all those sermons so that we didn't have to. If you ever need someone to sit through something really boring for 2 hours so that you don't have to, just let me know. This blog has, and, in the future, will, no doubt do a lot of good for those who come across Ron and might be tempted to believe him.

In some ways, the worst punishment you can inflict on Ron Weinland now is to "move on" and ignore him. I happen to think everything Ron has done over the years is mostly driven by a desperate need to be recognized as the kind of charismatic leader that Herbert Armstrong (for all his faults) was. In Ron's case, his lack of natural charisma meant that he had to really push the envelope in order to get the attention he wanted.

My sincere hope is that the former WCG and all its offshoots have been slowly but surely reaching "the bottom of the barrel" as one would-be leader after another is felled by failure and division, with each successively less capable leader having to go to greater extremes to draw a smaller and smaller following among those who remain. Maybe with Weinland now joining the ranks of the failed, we will have reached the point where there simply isn't anyone left who can command enough of a following to get the resources needed to bring the level of attention that fuels the whole process, and all the ex-WCG groups can fade into well-deserved obscurity. That, at least, is what I'm hoping for.

For now, it is still sad to see how many people are still themselves desperate for some kind of charismatic "Church of God" leader to emerge, so much so that they'll suffer through years of hurt and humiliation just on the off chance that maybe the person they're following will turn out to be the Church's own little Messiah who will save it from the present disastrous state of affairs. Yet all it takes to be "saved" is just to step away and leave the mess behind, as I and so many others have found.

Thanks again, Dillweed, for all your efforts.

Brent said...

The only prophecy that came true was that we would all still be here afterward. All those that mocked him are more prophetic than RW ever was.

Louis said...

Dear Dill Weed,

As you probably know, you have an international audience. I am a Dutchman, who never was a believer in any religion. I was interested in Ronald Weinland however just from curiosity, being perplexed by the weird things human beings can believe in. Although I much enjoyed your blog, I did not understand however how a rational person like you could put so much effort responding to the totally idiotic statements of mr Weinland. Now that you tell that you were brainwashed in your youth to become a Jehovah's Witness and escaped from this sect in later life, I do at last comprehend. Let me sincerely congratulate you with your victory of rationality over superstition.

Last but not least, thanks for your amusing blog. Perhaps you should find another subject in this same sector (there are plenty) and continue.....

Louis Harmsen

Thorum said...

Thanks for your thoughts. I too found Ron roughly when you did and have followed him ever since. I am an Atheist and find such people interesting to watch. Thanks again for your blog. I have visited often the past few years. Enjoy your journey, it's the only one we get. :)

Douglas Becker said...

Sentencing September 24th.

Tick tock.

Your time is short.